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Quikr NXT : A Solid Chat Platform On Mobile With Lot Of Fluidity

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Quikr has emerged as a largest portal for buyers and sellers for old and new items. My experience on Quikr using Quikr NXT as a buyer and seller has been quite satisfying on both the fronts. As a buyer, I have purchased four important household items and all have been a quite genuine purchases with no regrets on either front. Similarly, as a seller, I had some books to sell that I was able to sell in no time without facing any hassles. It was quite easy and simple to find sellers and products when I was a buyer. Similarly, I got approached by relevant buyers of the books I had placed in ad, when I was a seller.

Quikr has come out with an amazing feature – Quikr NXT. It is an innovative mobile chat platform where buyers and sellers can communicate in a streamlined, secure and safe manner. There are many important reasons for using Quikr NXT out of which few are listed below:

Quikr NXT is safe and feature rich

1. Quikr NXT is safe to communicate with your counterparts without disclosing your mobile number. Your mobile number remains unshared while you communicate with sellers as a buyer or with buyers when you are there as a seller. The beauty of the game is that you can be both at the same time on Quikr NXT.

2. On Quikr NXT you can share unlimited photos of the product(s) in question. If you are a seller you are bound to be asked for various photos of your various products that you intend to sell on Quikr. Your buyers might ask for more and more photos of the product that they seek to buy from you. But when you are on Quikr NXT, you don’t need to worry about the limit of photos to share. You can share as many as you want or as many as your buyers wish to see.

3. One of the greatest features is that all your chat history stays intact on Quikr NXT. In that way you are always confident and smart in communicating with your buyers or sellers. In fact, you can communicate in the same stream and on the same threads where you had left last time. That too without trying to remember or recollect the same. Say, if you talk to ten different people on your mobile phone, it will be difficult to recollect what you talked about. Especially, when you talk to each one of them again. But with Quikr NXT you are sure to follow the right path always. Without losing a single track. Because the chat history is always intact.

Here is a sample of my Quikr NXT chats that gives me an amazing experience as a seller as well as a buyer:

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  1. Worst service….I had posted a add it’s sold out but still not received the payment from Quikr…they already taken from buyer…..

    1. Within 5 days of the posting of this comment from this lady from Mumbai, the payment was cleared from Quikr. Of course, I had to join the dots by taking Ad no. from the seller and then following it up with Quikr. That is probably the power of the digital world that makes it too easy to resolve issues.

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