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PVR Cinemas Makes Life Interesting With Launch of #PVRPrivilege

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PVR Cinemas comes out with a new concept as PVR Privilege. Its aim is to bring a paradigm shift in the movie watching experience in the country. And the game is just on. There are a lot of features that would keep adding gradually thus constantly enriching the customer experience and changing the norms of the game. The program was launched at PVR Director’s Cut, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj in the presence of Aamir Khan, Zaira Wasim, and Ajay Bijli.

PVR Privilege

In fact, PVR Privilege concept is first of its kind in India. It is a loyalty program for cinema goers where they not only get loyalty points to watch their favorite movies at PVR cinema halls anywhere in India but there is a lot more to explore. As a matter of fact, it is the country’s first and unique, fully digital cinema loyalty program. In addition, there is a first-in-category virtual loyalty card. Not only that, there are QR-code powered vouchers for hassle-free transactions.

PVR Privilege is a hi-tech card

You can call the new PVR Privilege Card a hi-tech card. There are two reasons to it. One, there will be a continuous churning of data at the backend servers along with a prime Analytics engine to present a real-time intelligent dashboard to the top management and relevant stakeholders who can further drill it down to see useful reports. Second, it will have a support of Machine Learning algorithm so as to cater to individual customers on the basis of their preferences in a personalized manner.

Thus, every information coming to a customer will be unique in the sense that it will be matching his or her choices thus making it completely relevant. The loyalty program is available at all PVR cinemas in India. The only exception to this is PVR Directors’ Cut and PVR Opulent Mall, Ghaziabad.

The points and rewards you earn on your PVR Privilege Card will be valid across all participating properties. The program aims to become a powerful platform to market and promote relevant deals. These offers will be customer friendly so as to keep their interest alive to visit PVR again and again. To start with following privileges are there on the offer:

  • Each purchase of ticket(s) or food & beverages will fetch reward points

  • These reward points on accrual will automatically convert into vouchers to pay for tickets and F&B

  • For each customer, there will be personalized offers and services at PVR cinemas

  • There will be extra points in shape of bonus points on special occasions

PVR Privilege Comes With A Virtual Card

Thus, the all-new PVR Privilege is there to give a new definition to entertainment and its way of delivery and consumption in India. Enrollment is quite easy. So is the process of accrual and redemption of points and rewards. It will not be wrong to call it an Omni-channel program. The program promises to deliver results whether you use it at Cinema, website, or mobile app. For enrollment, you just need to provide minimal information. A payment of INR 300 is there for registration to the program and activation of membership. But in a way, it comes to you at no cost as you get 100% return of INR 300 in shape of F&B vouchers on your mobile phone.

In fact, you also get a virtual card via SMS link or inside the app on your mobile phone. This, in turn, removes the botheration of managing a physical card. For the credit of points in your PVR Privilege account, you need to scan your virtual card at the cinema on every single transaction you perform. That makes the accrual process simple and transparent. In case you are transacting from the website or mobile app, your relevant points accrual takes place the moment your transaction is over. While the accrual process is so simple, the redemption process is equally hassle-free. In fact, there is a touch of automation in this process. The moment your balance points are over 50, it converts 50 points into a voucher. The value of voucher will be INR 50.

Voucher application is quite user-friendly. In case you are transacting PVR Privilege at any of the applicable cinema’s location, you will need to scan your vouchers to apply them. Similarly, if you are transacting online or through a mobile app, you will get a prompt for voucher application. This ensures you not missing any chance and avoiding any confusion.

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