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Pringle Homeware Bring Smartness And Beauty @PringleHomeware

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Pringle Homeware appliances are beautiful and are ideal for a dream kitchen. In fact, Pringle Kitchenware brings a bouquet of appliances to match well with your style of cooking and serving. As a matter of fact, Pringle is a synonym to a smart way to live. As we all know, behind every smart home there are intelligent, beautiful, and stylish kitchen appliances. That is where Pringle products fill in those gaps. Currently, they have two manufacturing units one each in Silvassa in Maharashtra and Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. A third manufacturing unit is about to come in Kundli in Haryana. This will be a huge set up of more than one lac square feet. Transportation logistics make it costlier for running the set up in Baddi.
Ajay Singhania, Director, Pringle Homeware was quite insightful while discussing on various aspects of the business. The introduction of GST will make an impact of 3-4% thereby lowering the sale. Chinese equipment is no competition to Indian manufacturers because of quality and heavy motor requirements. Firstly, Chinese can’t match the quality. Secondly, Indian environment requires heavy motor devices that Chinese devices lack. Like, preparing rice batter is difficult in Chinese devices which limit only to specific tasks. Whereas Rice batter is a common requirement in India, especially, South India. On the other hand, Indian devices support all heavy motor requirements for domestic appliances. In addition, freight cost from China is quite high.

Pringle Homeware Launch Pocket-Friendly Quality Kitchen Appliances

In fact, India will become a major hub of global manufacturing in next 4-5 years according to Ajay Singhania, Director Pringle Homeware. He feels that gray market is the biggest threat for the genuine manufacturer and consumers in India. If somehow the government is able to control it in some way or the other, it will definitely benefit genuine manufacturers. Not only that, it will also help in the prosperity and growth of the country in right direction. Also, lowering customs duty is a good strategy to adopt by the government. 5% import duty flat will turn the scenario drastically in India’s favor. India’s labor laws are very complex. Once these are simplified then India can become a favorite global manufacturing hub.
Pringle started its manufacturing in 1999. It belongs to the Singhania group. Singhania Overseas is in trading mainly for Milton. Pringle strives on quality. No exports as of now but future plans are there. Pringle homeware manufactures Pringle brand. These products change every few years based on changing technology and lifestyle. In my opinion, Pringle Homeware is changing the age-old rotten traditions. British started the tradition of exporting cotton from India to Britain and manufacturing garments there. And then importing them back to India and other countries. They never wanted India to master in manufacturing skills.
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