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Poor Workplace Diversity – Facebook Blames Educational System

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Facebook is facing a severe problem at its workplaces. The problem is about workplace diversity. Rather, the poor workplace diversity has become a point of severe concern for Facebook. Whether the reason is merely an excuse? Or is it real? Probably, readers will have to ascertain it on their own. As a matter of fact, this could be a scapegoat strategy from their end. Or they might be trying to save someone at the top whose distraction from the right track is the real reason for this. The reason given by Maxine Williams, Global Director of Diversity, Facebook, is probably not quite convincing. She is blaming the flaws in the educational system. And these flaws are causing problems for the company in hiring a diverse workforce. As the excuse has come quite recently, it is has become a point of global discussion.

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As a matter of fact, the point is getting attention by media and various other companies across the globe. Is it right to put blame on the educational system for the difficulties Facebook is facing? If it is really education, then it can’t be the sole reason for them at a global level. Rather the concern might be limited to a few countries and their education system. When Facebook claims it as a sole reason of Poor Workplace Diversity, it doesn’t look convincing. Rather this poor workplace diversity excuse has put Maxine Williams in a tight corner. In her own words, it is the “appropriate representation in technology” that is one of the reasons.

Poor Workplace Diversity impacts Facebook

Another reason she has given is the opportunities people get or don’t get. This is for acquiring necessary skills through the public education system. In her opinion, if the people don’t get these important skills via education system, it can impact the companies that hire them. But then that is why all good companies have a training department. This might be internal or external. And this is for grooming and developing people you hire. The grooming and development are as per your requirements. Though the situation is not bad altogether in the company. The recent figures show that women in leadership roles are 27 percent, up by 4 percent than previous figures of 23 percent.

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While this was the brighter side, the darker side projects an altogether different story. And that story tells the real picture of poor workplace diversity. Firstly, the overall male workforce at Facebook is as high as 70 percent. Secondly, in tech jobs at Facebook, this figure goes further high up to 83 percent. Thirdly, the leadership share is 73%.

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