कुछ बातें अनकही सी – A Short Poetry in Hindi

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कुछ बातें अनकही सी

अब ठीक से याद भी नहीं है
तुम से कहा था या यूं ही चला आया था

कुछ बातें अनकही सी
इस लिए रखता हूं वो सारी बातें
बिस्तर के पास की दराजों में
जिन पर मिटते अक्षरों में लिखा है
कुछ बातें अनकही सी।

कुछ बातें अनकही सी

कुछ बातें अनकही सी

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कभी बचपन की सनी यादों को
ढूंढते ढूंढते इन दराजों को खोलो
तो हवा का पहला भभका एक अलग
सी महक लायेगा
बस उसी में लिपटी होंगी
कुछ बातें अनकही सी।

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I Am Happy When I See Clapping Hands and Smiling Faces – Poetry

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I am happy when I see clapping hands and smiling faces

Somewhere if some are sad, some are happy at other places

Although it is true that of the cards in your hand, all are not aces

But still, you can crave for finding the light of life from dark bases

As a matter of fact, at times life is too harsh when your memory effaces

But still, you can find in this chaotic world your own comfortable spaces

And great are those moments when all your sadness, with smiles someone replaces

Keep those moments in mind as a prayer without trying to find out its traces

Because when you are completely hopeless with nobody around, life embraces

Making you comfortable back on the surface, the momentum paces.

I am Happy

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I am happy when I find a child in my heart giggling and whistling

Never worry about the future when someone might act bristling.


Just live the situation to its fullest

When it comes to spreading happiness

in life act as fast and accurate,

but not deadly, like a bullet

Stay with warmth but be coolest.

I am Happy

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A moment in life never strikes back

Fill colors or just keep it white and black

stay behind the shell or create joyous clack

It’s nobody else’s but your own hack

Raise your face upward and be a flack

After all, we are nothing but a stack

of memories piled up – one is happiness rack

and another is a bundle having a not-so-happy-moments pack

Usually, in our mind, we keep playing one of the other track

Which finally makes it a soundtrack.

So what if you are with me or not

I have loads of bad moments to kick back.

I am Happy Because You are Happy

That is why I am happy when I see clapping hands and smiling faces around

Because that brings my childhood back on the racetrack.

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Time To Revisit LOC Between You and Me #TimeToRevisit: Poetry

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It is Time to Revisit everything

that has happened so far

between you and me

and whatsoever has to happen.

In fact, It is time to revisit

our past, present, and future


there is always

something a visible barrier


your conscious and

my conscious

We need to shake our individual


in order to find out the

common parts of both the circles

that are overlapping and that are not.

Because it is important

to stop a bit and learn now

that we should have done

many years back.

Let us understand clearly

the LOC (line of credit)

we owe to each other

and how much it is bending

you and me to the opposite sides

thereby creating an imbalance between us.


I don’t see anything beyond you

when you are in front of me

but then I see a lot across.

That is why it is time to revisit

LOC (Line of Control)

between you and me

and see if it is crawling

like a serpant

eating some part of your life

and some part of mine

and thus reducing the size of



It is time to revisit

LOC (Loss of consciousness)

between moon and sun

thus balancing the

relation of love and hate

and making the game of

hide and seek more and more


It is time to revisit

LOC (Lines of code)

that some power wrote

many years back

thus creating many

endless loops

of looking into each other’s


Probably whosoever

has written that code

has no intentions to rewrite

the code but still

why do we feel the need of that

to happen.


Do you still search

for any kind of line

between you and me

that initially neither of us

never intended to.

It is Time to Revisit

As a matter of fact,

neither either

realized ever

any need to revisit.

But somehow that

time to revisit









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How Do You Feel When People Judge You? Judging People #Poetry

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Life is a waste when it comes to Judging People

When I was young

and I had a stupid passion

of reading a lot of books

I read somewhere

“In this world of individuals

comparison is a senseless activity”

And it set so deep in my mind

that I could always correlate it with

a lot of things happening around

now and then.

Probably Judging People

derives out of comparison only

Because comparison is a relative activity

and so is judging.

That is why I hate people

judge me

or for that sake

judge anybody.

In fact, if everyone starts

judging each other

then nothing will happen


everything coming to a


I think this judging capability

is only there in human beings only


You never see a tree judging its branches

which one needs less nutrition.

Similarly, Sun never differentiates

between objects or directions

when  it comes to spreading light.

It is a teacher that comapres and judges

his students and starts declaring

the best, the worst, and those needing improvement.

It is a wrong thing for a parent

to judge or compare their children.

Imagine a teacher treating al her

students equally without judging

them here and there and on

this and that.

As a result, no child will think high or low.

In fact, every start will have the same intensity glow.

I think only those engage in judging people

who have nothing substantial to do in life.

Otherwise, those who have a lot to do

never can think of doing it hitherto.

What I wear, what I talk,

What I read, How I walk,

How is it concerns somebody else?

How someone has so much time in life

to stalk?

Judging Pepple is wrong

If you love yourself, you will always love

everyone else.

Find what you lack and improve

rather than wasting time in others.

Hence,  Stay away from judging people.




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Indian Mythological Stories Revisiting In Modern World: Poetry

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A supreme voice commands me to revisit Indian Mythological Stories

and draw out my own meanings and conclusions

taking into mind the current times and modern world lifestyles

There were several doors in front of me

And I had to decide which door I enter first

And accordingly, ask for the respective key from the supreme wisdom

The first door that drew my attention had “Ramayana” written over it

And thus I decided to this of the many Indian Mythological Stories

read and understood so many times in my childhood and

a number of times thereafter.

And everytime you read any of the Indian Mythological Stories

you draw out a different meaning out of it.

In fact, it all depends on time.


I asked for the key to the door inscribed Ramayana

that I got immediately.

I turned the key and stepped in. What I saw
was an altogether different set of meanings.

Ram was a symbol of light and Ravan was a symbol of Dark

But both have their own importance in today’s life.

Gone are the times when you can live as Ram and

suffer so much happily.

As a matter of fact, in today’s world

we all are a combination of light and dark.

Only thing is the ratio varies in each individual

along with time, age, circumstances, and knowledge.

Ravan was no less in knowledge to anyone

in the whole universe.

Still he didn’t know his purpose to live and

a reason to exist.

Indian Mythological Stories

In fact, acquiring knowledge and wisdom is something

But knowing our purpose to live and a reason to exist

is equally important.

Rather, it makes more sense in today’s time.

Though there are many Indian Mythological Stories to introspect

and to learn from.

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