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Plan India Digital Learning Centre Has An Education Plan For Every Girl Child

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A visit to Plan India Digital Learning Centre was an eye opener for me. This is an organizational movement to shape India, in fact. The real power of a nation lies in the education of its citizens. A Girl Child is a big issue in India, as it is in many other countries. The education to a girl child is not treated as a necessary element in the majority of the population. The issue is not only prominent in rural but also in urban communities. Though many families in India don’t favor gender bias. And thus they treat a girl child as committedly and carefully as a boy. An equal treatment is quite essential to provide an equal opportunity to all children. But usually, when it comes to education, a girl has to sacrifice in case of the financial crunch in a family.

Plan India Digital Learning Centre

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Even if a family vouch for equality, there are societal, peer, and other kinds of pressures that don’t let them adhere to it. Plan India, a member of Plan International federation is an NGO (Non-Government Organization) running the Digital Learning Centres across Delhi in many communities. The sole purpose is to use technology in order to offer a quality education to young women in the age group of 15-25. In fact, all 15 digital learning centres are confined to the local communities to make easily accessible to the girls. This helps them in overcoming mobility issues, especially for girls. This noble drive is in association with Ericsson and other small/local NGO partners.

Plan India Digital Learning Centre

Child protection at Plan India Digital Centers is a top priority. In fact, there is not even an iota of a gap in adhering to strict policies and procedures. That is one of the prime reason the girls feel happy, safe, and committed to their development. Even the parents are confident about the development, safety, and education of their children here. A well-designed plan keeps these children ahead of their peers in their respective schools. In fact, the level of education here gives them an edge over others in learning new technology. Rather, what they learn here, and the way it taught here, is a unique amalgamation of technology and discipline.

If you know a girl child who had to drop from school for any reason, please connect with the nearest Plan India Digital Learning Centre. It will not only transform her life but also provide her a proper growth plan to lead a balanced life thereafter. [/signinlocker]


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