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Penguin Annual Lecture By Amitabh Bachchan On 29th Nov 2013

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I cannot compare my post with this one that has been written so well with audio and video coverage about Penguin Annual Lecture By Amitabh Bachchan On 29th Nov 2013. It was a privilege to attend an event with Amitabh Bachchan as a prominent part of the event. Amazing were the moments when I got an invite from Penguin group to attend Annual Lecture event for which the great Amitabh Bachchan delivering the the lecture at Thyagraj Stadium. The event had to start at 8 pm, and was to finish at 9.30 pm.


Penguin Annual Lecture By Amitabh Bachchan Entries were to close at 7.30 pm and it was a fight to reach at the venue. I was driving there for the first time and was not knowing the exact location. As usual, few guys respond by giving wrong direction when you ask them about the location. Probably some people feel proud in telling any direction, right or wrong, even if they didn’t know the exact location. Anyhow I was able to reach at the location in time after facing all kind of wrong directions, heavy traffic and parking issues. Finally, I was inside the hall. It was the time to witness a great personality and to drink his words in real, for the first time. I was along with my family and we all were passing through those moments of excitement. We were all very happy to be the part of Penguin Annual Lecture.

Penguin Annual Lecture by Amitabh Bachchan

Penguin Annual LectureAmitabh Bachchan’s words are magical. He himself is a calm ocean with huge amount of intellectual gems in his voice. I am sure when he starts speaking everyone just listens to it with full attention. Each of the audience in the hall was absorbing his every word. His flawless, clear and weighty lecture was about himself, his films, his father, his father’s work, his family, and his social goals. He emphasized on girl child education and freedom towards choosing her career/ future.
It was amazing to witness Amitabh Bachchan at Penguin Annual Lecture. In fact, listening to his lecture in person was a dream come true. And his discussion with the host and journalist Rajdeep Sardesai – Editor-in-chief of IBN18 Network was fabulous.
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