Parsons Green Bombing – After 12 Hours Threat Level Raised To Critical

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What makes British government take over 12 hours to raise the threat level of Parsons Green Bombing incident to CRITICAL? BBC News raises the issue rightly questioning the delay in this regard. When the terrorist was still at large and it was clear that the damage could have been manifold, why the government didn’t declare it critical immediately post incident. What was the delaying factor? Was it the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre taking so long to arrive at a conclusion? Or there was an intentional delay from the government side to announce it? If the measurement criterion is too cumbersome, they should simplify it instead of taking the things lightly. Obviously, declaring it critical earlier was better to enhance the level of alertness. And that alertness could lead to high momentum for the police, intelligence, and security services. Catching the bomber should have been a top priority.

Parsons Green
Photo credit: petenixey via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Extra patrols, additional troop deployment, and close analysis of surveillance systems could result in faster results. As is evident that yesterday’s Parsons Green Bombing had no prior warning signals. It clearly signifies the total win for bomber and people behind him. Though the device had a timer, it didn’t go off properly in time. CCTV images of the suspect planting the explosive device are clear. While the Islamic State Group says it was behind the bomb, it could be a hoax just to grab the attention or claim a connection to the incident. But one this is true. If the incident had taken place as per their plan, it could result in a huge damage of life. Almost to the extent of everyone’s life who was in the train.

Parsons Green Bombing Taking New Turns

Thirty people got injuries from the explosion on a train at Parsons Green with no loss of life. There is an arrest of an 18-year-old man from Dover who they suspect as the bomber. Search is still on in a house in Sunbury, Surrey. The arrest is significant says Home Secretary Amber Rudd.


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