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Pani Natural Mineral Water Launched by Soha Ali Khan and Sachin Joshi

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Actress Soha Ali Khan, on the way to motherhood soon, was there as an icon for the launch of Pani Natural Mineral Water at Playboy Club Chankyapuri. With an exotic environment of Playboy theme paintings on the walls around it was quite an exciting event. Nobody was knowing that this excitement will later be at its peak with erotic dance by russian girls and enormous flow of liquor. In fact, it didn’t appear as a launch of mineral water where the consumption of water was negligible and everyone was gulping beer, whisky, and rum. And this consumption was increasing with the every next round of dance on the floor. Rather it was more like a bachelor’s party than launch of Pani Natural Mineral Water. The brand comes from Viiking Ventures. Sachin Joshi, actor, producer, and chairman of the company, was there at the launch.

That too when the earnings from the sale of Pani Natural Mineral Water is to go to charity. The launch party was totally in contrast. Soha Ali, who is expecting her baby shares, “I am glad to be the part of such a natural brand, Pani. Which is important for every human in daily routine life. Yes, as for pregnant ladies Pani is beneficial. In the same manner it is compulsory for normal beings too.”

On the same lines Sachin Joshi states, “It is our start. This business of Viiking is not about to make money. The income which will generate from this brand, will be used for charity. We will try to build up many more factories in several areas and keep on delivering healthy and natural water.”

Pani Natural Mineral Water

I am still wondering about a connect between the launch of Pani Natural Mineral Water and its noble cause to use the income for charity. And viz-a-viz its launch at a place like Playboy Club with erotic dance and uncontrolled flow of liquor. The presence of Narender Chanchal was another surprise at the launch of Pani Natural Mineral Water.

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