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Our Start-Up by Dov Reichman Is For Innovator, Youth, and Entrepreneur

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Our Start-Up by Dov Reichman, I would say, is for all innovators, youth, and entrepreneurs in the world. Innovation and entrepreneurship have no relevance with age. In fact, youth and millennials are coming up with bright innovative ideas. Hence, we see the average age of startups CEOs across the globe is drastically coming down. That means most of the start-ups with innovative ideas are by Youth. That is something quite encouraging. Because right at an early age, youth is equipping themselves not only with brilliant ideas but are able to tackle any kind of challenges that come in their way. The same happens with the central character of the story of this book. Nir Carmelli is a middle school student who has a dream of launching an innovative new product in the market and show his capabilities to the world.

Our Start-Up

It is not that Nir is not aware of facing difficulties while launching his idea to reality. In fact, he is very practical about it. Despite a bouquet of challenges on his way, he dares to go for it. Even if he fails during this journey, he is ready to start. Although he is not sure if his dream will take a shape of the product that gets him a successful business. The story of Our Start-Up by Dov Reichman is quite interesting that way. The first and foremost task for Nir is to form a strong team. A team that aligns well with his ideas. But he knows that his idea is original and he is creative enough to give it a shape. Once he forms his team, they start exploring industrialists across the globe for financial support. They not only tap investors but also industrialists, scientists, and professionals.

Our Start-Up Is A Story of Innovation and Zeal

Our Start-Up by Dov Reichman provides a right path to innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs. Creating a right team and tapping the right markets for support and development is the prime factor in this journey. One of Nir’s team member is Anna, his classmate. The story not only has the business angle but there is also a touch of finding true love in life. As the story moves, it brings a number of useful lessons in both the areas. Also, there is humor that creates fun during this journey. The cover goes well with the theme of the story.


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