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OpenTalk App Review: A Unique Concept @GetOpentalk

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There is a new app OpenTalk. It is a nice concept but yet to mature and evolve. The process is select the areas of your interest after you download the app and register. It is currently available on iOS and Android thus covering a majority of smartphone users base. It is a universal app that works across the globe. More than 50 countries are using this app.The concept is interesting. Once you select your areas of interest, it connects you with new persons within a reasonable vicinity. Logically, one you are ready to talk, it starts scanning in an incremental radius the next person that is availaà¤Ħble to talk on the same topic. The other person also should have selected the same interest as you after it while registration.

For instance, you select ‘English’ as one of your interest area for the purpose of improving your English speaking skills. You can select any other interest areas too in OpenTalk that currently has 6 options. So when the app starts scanning, it will find the nearest possible person having one of the interest areas as yours. And thus it connects and the talk starts. Obviously, it starts with a brief introduction from both sides and then the talk goes deeper on the subject. In my opinion, it is a fantastic idea. But still, there are a lot of areas of improvement. As a matter of fact, more than 3000 conversations happen every day on this app.

Opentalk is a new landmark in Online Conversation

So, let me throw some light on improvement areas. In my opinion, though the concept is strongly powerful its execution is more important. Like, when you connect with a new person, you don’t know about his expertise level. So initially persons at both ends start in a confusion. For instance, I have an expertise in English but the person on the other end might think that I am seeking an improvement in my English. The app, in fact, must engage experts, rookies, beginners etc. So when I plan to connect, I must have a choice to connect with a particular level of the person. For instance, as an expert, I might opt to talk to another expert to improve my English further. Or I might opt to connect to a beginner to help him improve his English.

Opentalk to enhance level of engagement

This could be the next level enhancement to improve the level of engagement. Secondly, most of the times person on the other end soon after connection hangs on the phone after hearing your voice. Probably it didn’t match their expectations. The system at the backend must be able to track how many times I disconnect the call soon after listening to hello from the other end. And then someone can check in the form of feedback the reason for disconnecting the calls on regular basis. Thirdly, there are no women centric, kids centric, or elders centric topics that could really take this app to another level. For instance, topics like Cooks & Chefs, children & women safety, hygiene, elderly care, counseling on feelers like suicide or murder, etc.

Opentalk Makes Strangers Known

Now, let me talk about my experience so far. After installing OpenTalk on my Android device, I started using this app. Firstly, I got connected to free boys from Punjab. Few had an interest in improving their English and I appreciate the way they were trying to talk in the best possible manner. Another example is a couple of boys from Punjab having an interest in technology. And thus we had a good chance to exchange ideas on technology. Another instance I remember is connecting to a boy from Pakistan under a common interest in Career & Work. He was having a good amount of experience in hospitality and was looking for a job in that field. The guy was so happy after the talk with me.

Opentalk will evolve to serious and meaningful online conversation gradually

In fact, he was so happy with the gravity of our discussion that he remarked that no he would use this app more often to get a chance to have more meaningful talks. And while you are talking there is an option to extend your talk. There is also an option to report an incident. Overall, I see a lot of scope in this app usage and further enhancements and scaling up. Obviously, that will improve the level of maturity of app and engagement of users. The Higher amount of engagement will obviously mean users at both ends getting what they intend to while registering for the app. I can see a new category Relationship in Opentalk. Though not sure if it is another trial of online dating. Or there will be serious talks happening about the relationship. Because, in reality, the relationship is far beyond just dating.

Overall, the app is feature rich and hassle free in downloading, account creation, and execution. I foresee a lot more features coming in this app gradually to make is more meaningful.

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