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Open-Eyed Meditations by Shubha Vilas – Your Daily Karma Book

Open-Eyed Meditations by Shubha Vilas is not merely a book. Rather, it is not even a self-help book. In fact, it is much beyond that. You will fall in love with it the moment you start reading it. Because you will find here in this book something that we all were missing so far. Something that makes you conversant with your inner self. Therefore, I will call it a daily workbook. Or rather, daily Karma Book. Each page you read again and will find a different meaning. And each meaning will bring you nearer to yourself. In fact, in a way, it makes you realize your inner strengths.

Open-Eyed Meditations by Shubha Vilas

Open-Eyed Meditations by Shubha Vilas

In fact, this is Shubha’s third book I am reading. The first one is Rise of the Sun Prince. And the second is The Game of Life. After reading Open-Eyed Meditations I find it as close to my heart as the earlier two. As a matter of fact, soon after finishing Shubha’s first book I had to compile 10 Book from Indian Authors that will Touch Your Heart Strings. And Rise of the Sun Prince was part of it. I got a little late in reading Open-Eyed Meditations for some reason. Though there is a pile of unread books in my bookshelf, the book automatically came in my hands out of the queue. It was an invite from Oxford Bookstore and Namita Gokhale to an evening of mindful thinking and the launch of this book on 17 August 2016. Shubha Vilas was to be in conversation with Renuka Narayanan.

Though it was a total miss because of some reason. But then I was in no mood to give a miss to this book. Now, coming back to Open-Eyed Meditations. In fact, it is a unique collection of 64 articles. Each article promises to bring you out of the day-to-day dilemmas of life. And all this happens through the eyes of Mahabharata and Ramayana, the two great epics that connect well to our life. As Shubha Vilas says, “When you are open to life, life opens up to you. Water is present in the air but only when the air is subjected to condensation do we get that water. Similarly, thoughts are all around but only when subjected to contemplation do they become meaningful.”

Open-Eyed Meditations by Shubha Vilas

Shubha is a spiritual seeker and thus he helps us all to have a glimpse of this beautiful path through his powerful writing. He is also a motivational speaker. A degree holder in engineering and law, Shubha specializes in patent law. The story doesn’t end here. There are a number of other hats Shubha wears. You can find him on FaceBook and Twitter. Open-Eyed Meditations, as the name indicates, is a practical wisdom for everyday life. This book is not a one-time read. You will hook to it to refer again and again. In a way, it is my life reference manual. Every time I read it, each page gives me a new meaning of life and lights a candle in dark somewhere in my mind.

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