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Negative Impacts of Social Networking – A Perspective

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Social networking is a revolution. Negative impacts of social networking create severe impact in personal and professional life. As a matter of fact, every revolution brings some dark elements along with it. In other words, any new technology or technological revolution comes with a bundle of threats and risks. In fact, there will be söme risks that you will be able to anticipate well in advance. For such risks, you can assign a severity level for each and work out mitigation plan accordingly. But there are certain risks that you are not able to anticipate or perceive in advance. For such risks, you need to have a quick assessment process.

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In fact, you need to treat such risks as an emergency for which an immediate assessment is important in regard to its severity. And once you ascertain its severity, you have to plan its mitigation accordingly. Similarly, negative ïmpacts of social networking need to handle.

Here are some promïnent negative impacts of social networking. Addiction comes on the top. It is not only youth but even people in mid-age and above are equally pray to it. So much so that it impacts their personal, professional, family, and social life. Subsequently, you start drifting away from your family, personal, social, and professional routines. There are numerous cases where people lose jobs, divorce, commit a crime, or fall sick because of this addiction.

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Next serious impact is getting into the trap of wrong information. You might land into the world you never want to. And once you land there you start enjoying the juicy stuff. Moreover, the amount of information you submit unknowingly is fair enough to land you in big trouble. Not all sites are safe and secure.

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Negative impacts of social networking

At times, the negative impacts of social networking are quite serious. There are many sites that may misuse your personal details. And then some sites are not secure in terms of hacking. There are hackers who hack such sites. After hacking they steal useful information. Then this information is sold. Or they bargain it for a ransom.

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