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National Smart Grid Mission To Develop Smart Grid Infrastructure

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National Smart Grid Mission (NSGM) is in action with the help of United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The mission to upgrade India’s Power Grid is taking a new shape. The duo is launching its first in a series of training programs. These training programs aim at building the capacity and skills of utility personnel. This is in order to develop India’s Smart Grid Infrastructure. Mind it, Skill Building is a top priority in the Prime Minister’s agenda. This is really a credible mission. It will definitely have a long-term impact. And this impact will be positive, and that too beyond imagination. As a matter of fact, training programs are a long term investment. Effectively these programs if taken seriously give fruitful results. This is the latest notification by Government.

Training programs under National Smart Grid Mission will help the Government of India achieves its targets. These targets include having 10 percent personnel from 14 of India’s state utilities. These utilities mainly belong to Smart Grid functions. The Government of India has taken this as a key priority to build a Smart Grid. While this is a great initiative, it will help curb power transmission and distribution losses. This, in turn, will ensure a 24×7 access to power for all. Hence it increases its importance manifold. Therefore, training and skilling workforce is a critical component of this mission.

National Smart Grid Mission Initiatives

Vishal Kapoor, Director Distribution, Ministry of Power is hopeful in achieving India’s expectation. This expectation is to provide 24×7 quality power to all its people. As a matter of fact, as Kapoor says, the power generated will comprise of a large chunk of renewable energy. Hence it is a great effort in creating a Green Country. Howsoever small it may be, in the global scenario, but it is really a remarkable achievement.

While the whole world is trying to find out alternative energy sources to mitigate resource crunch, every effort counts in this respect. As he says, the grid is important to manage renewable and conventional energy. This grid has to be smart and capable of providing electricity to the remote corners of India.

Prabhu N Singh, Director, National Smart Grid Mission, highlights the criticality of creating a trained task force of utility professionals. These professionals must be capable of understanding and owning the Smart Grid system. This training to the workforce will accelerate the development of Smart Grid across the country. As a matter of fact, it is an exercise for present and future, both. While the training will help workforce to deploy things faster, it will also help to sustain the capabilities. Through the National Smart Grid Mission, the Central Government aims to enhance utilities and skills. Therefore the skill enhancement on Smart Grid aspects will be a boon for the entire country. As a matter of fact, it will empower Government to cater to the remotest of the people in the country. Hence partnering with a number of national and state institutions will lead Smart Grid training at a faster pace.

National Smart Grid Mission of India

The above views by Singh clearly indicate the seriousness in achieving the goals of National Smart Grid Mission. Under this mission training and capacity building are the key strategic areas. For this, NSGM and Ministry of Power have become partners. This partnership is to facilitate knowledge sharing on Smart Grid technologies and related issues. These were the views expressed by Ambassador Jonathan Addleton, USAID/India Mission Director. Though this is a tough mission but its success is important.

To start with, this training program will be of three days. It will use a basic Smart Grid course. This course is designed under USAID’s “Partnership to Advance Clean Energy” Program. The main aim is to create the capacity of utilities on various Smart Grid components and applications. The participants will get an opportunity to visit a Smart Grid Lab at the Center for Power Efficiency in Distribution in New Delhi. It will help them to gain a practical understanding of select Smart Grid functionalities.

Hence these are some of the remarkable proactive actions taken by the Government of India. As a matter of fact, these steps towards grid modernization include the establishment of National Smart Grid Mission to plan and monitor the deployment of policies and programs related to Smart Grid activities in the country.

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