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Namah Resort – A Walkthrough Straight from the Heart of Nature

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Welcome to Namah Resort, Straight from the Heart. First of all, let me tell you, Namah Resort is a place where the beauty of nature goes hand in hand with your luxury stay as Namah is a luxury resort/hotel. While living in luxury, you are in nature’s lap. In fact, it is the right amalgamation of nature and luxury. You will find a different kind of freshness, comfort, hospitality, satisfaction, and a direct connection with nature around, at its peak. In fact, if you are visiting Jim Corbett, do plan to stay here. Spending time on the property is as equally enjoying as going out in forests and for safaris.

This is a place where you can see hills on one side and forests on another. When you look down you can see Kosi’s streams, narrow or wide, depending on season and monsoon. And you look up to find clouds kissing hills. At times these clouds are visible floating so much downward as if playing in the lap of hills. So is the beauty around.

namah resort

Let us look at the interior points of attraction within this luxury resort. There are 48 luxury rooms including 2 large suites. Luxury rooms are quite spacious as per their design and comfort. There are 9 sections or segments or blocks of rooms in this hugely spread property. The water bodies and cute bridges will definitely win your heart. There is a lot of greenery between various blocks. While moving across, walking on pathways, you will find trees and plants loaded with various fruits and flowers. Mango trees were completely loaded. Mangoes hanging from each branch were as if forming a great piece of decoration to welcome monsoon. In fact, nature is at its peak here.

Namah Resort Brings You Close To Nature

Walking around on the pathways pumps in a good amount of energy. Therefore, pump in as much energy as possible. While walking along the passages and poolside, you will find enough. There is a pond just behind the front desk and lobby area with a carpet of lotus leaves and flowers. In fact, the bed of lotus leaves and flowers over the pond looks fascinating. There are a big fish and a turtle in the pond. Hence when you are there, don’t forget to say hello to them.

As far as facilities are concerned, there is nothing that I can recall, is missing. In fact, you will find everything so perfect here. There is a beautiful restaurant named Pratha. Live kitchen counters, spacious buffet area, a large variety of recipes for buffet, staff moving around to take care of your any kind of needs, outside dining area in case you find weather and temperature suitable, live music at dinner, outside live snacks counters are few of the admiring points that are still as fresh in my mind as mangoes on the trees there. The area is quite lively and cheerful at the time of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

As far as cleanliness is concerned, it was fabulous in terms of napkins, table covers, utensils, and cutlery. You will find staff in uniform, moving smartly, attentively, and passionately. Just next to Pratha, is Boond, the bar. As the name denotes, you can relax and drink here. We also can enjoy the same food sitting in Boond, as both are adjacent. And the kitchen is common for both. You have the option to sit inside in A/Cs or acquire outside tables to enjoy natural A/Cs. While sitting outside, you need to be a bit careful of files and mosquitoes.

Pratha at Namah Resort offers excellent food

For your reference, Pratha means tradition and Boond means a Drop. While this is interesting, it will help you in correlating the two. Just behind Pratha is an open-air Amphitheater. We had a presentation on Jim Corbett by renowned conservationist and naturalist Dr. Imran Khan. It was an interactive knowledge imparting session. I learned why conservation of tiger, being on top of a food chain, is very important for our own survival. How our life is relating to the most powerful species of cats? We also had a long drive with Dr. Khan in forest reserves, the very next day.

Well, back to the internal attractions to hook you to Namah, straight from the heart. Stairs going above Pratha restaurant take you to Recreation Area. The Recreation Area has Billiards, Carrom, and Table Tennis facilities. Next to it is Kid’s zone. Come down and move next to Boond Bar to find Mandap for marriage. Walking next to Mandap is Swimming Pool. Kids Pool is segregated from adult’s pool area. Some rules and regulations need to be set here for people to use only swimming costume in the pool.

Next to swimming pool is Spa, Massage & Steaming area, and gymnasium. Sewage was an issue in one of the massage rooms that was reported and would have been taken care of. I am sure, when you decide to provide best of the world to your customers, definitely, it takes cyclic preventive checks to minimize risks and incidents. The swimming pool, massage rooms, and gymnasium are always intact with appropriate upkeep. Front desk, reception, and lobby area at Namah Resort are quite spacious. Before we move further, it is important to note it.

Kosi 1 and 2 are for Parties at Namah Resort

There are four entry-exit points here in this long area connecting various areas like parking, Party Hall Kosi (1 & 2), cottages, and restaurant area. While each entry has its own beauty point, it has its own significance also. As I mentioned above, there is a beautiful pond behind lobby area. I am sure, while your stay here, the pond will attract you to visit the area regularly. On the other side of the pond is a big party hall that has a flexible/movable partition. This virtual partition divides it into two parts Kosi 1 and Kosi 2. You can remove the partition to double the size to hold/organize large parties, functions, meetings, conferences, gatherings, celebrations, or assemblies for any occasion.

While I was around front desk area, a family was walking in for check-in. There were four members of that family – two kids and their parents. The family had a stay here earlier, so the parents decided to stay at some other location, for a change. But their kids insisted them to leave that place, for whatever reason and get a suite here at Namah. The parents were telling this to lobby manager that they had to transfer here from that property just after a day’s stay there because of their kid’s insistence.

All this experience at Namah Resort is coming straight from the heart. Don’t just believe in what I said, blindly. Experience a different kind of perfect amalgamation of the comfort of luxury with the beauty of nature here by yourself. Before I close, I must mention Kid’s play area where you have various kinds of swings, see-saw, and other play equipment.

Namah Resort Is A Time To Remember for Long

The battery operated golf carts help to move you around from your cottage to any facility on this largely spread property. But probably you would not like that while your stay at Namah Resort as walking around is more soothing and joyous while talking to butterflies, trees, nature, stars, the moon, clouds, hilltops, and flowers.

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  1. This looks like a very comfortable stay with a responsive admin and great staff to take care of your comforts while you enjoy the natural beauty and great views.

    1. Of course. Do let me know if you are any known plan to visit the property for a special discount. Thanks Bushra for visiting and commenting.

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