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My Unwritten Story, An Incomplete Symphony – Poetry

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My unwritten story

An incomplete symphony

is urging to finish

before the clock starts ticking

before the rhythm loses track

As the life is changing quite fast.

Photo credit: SafarFiertze via / CC BY-NC-SA

I must complete it

at the earliest

before I complete

the quota of Oxygen,

before life stops,

before something hops.

The warmth of those eyes

is missing

which were moist

with love and spark,

are now dry all the time.

Photo credit: Internet Archive Book Images via Visualhunt / No known copyright restrictions

I don’t know if this is

my unwritten story.

I don’t know if it will survive

before my omission

before the intermission.

In fact,

words have become


they don’t come now

so easily.

We meet,

and stay for long,

as before.

But you don’t talk

as before.

My Unwritten Story

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