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My Life Story by Arti Honrao: A Crisp And More Than A Life Story

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If you are reading a fiction that your mind starts relating to reality of life then the credit goes to the author. And no more words I need to go in praise of the story. That is what happens when you read 111 pages My Life Story by Arti Honrao. First of all it will be difficult to leave the book in between. And the size of book is such that you can finish it in one go quite easily. Secondly the author presents the love story so powerfully that you find all colors of life and love in this neatly written and crisply woven story. Of course the style of writing and plot presentation itself speaks loudly about the clarity of subject the author holds.
My Life Story

[sociallocker id=”1977″]The story of My Life Story by Arti Honrao hits straight on your heart. And jolts your mind to think over the pains. That the main character of the story undergoes. Story revolves around three main characters – Kavya, Shantanu and Roshan. And then there are supporting characters like little Divya, Shraddha, Kavya’s father, and Shantala. On one hand we have a strongly built characters in Shantanu and Shantala. A happily married couple. And leading a well balanced married life. Understanding each other perfectly. That no doubt dares to stay between the two.

My Life Story by Arti Honrao

Then there is Shraddha. Elder sister of Kavya. Shraddha had her own moment of truth of life. Regarding Roshan. But she fails to pass the bitter reality of Roshan to Kavya. Or probably it was Kavya, who prefers to close her eyes. From the reality. That her sister was trying to show her. And entangles in false love of Roshan. Probably at some moment of time Shraddha and her father knew. That Kavya was going in the wrong direction. But at her age, it was not possible to make her understand.

And probably everyone leaves it on time. To let the realities come in front on its own in due course of time. By the time Kavya comes to know about the fake love of Roshan. And lot more. That he has been able to hide from her. For 8 long years of their marriage. It was too late for her to return back. To the point from where she had started her journey. The journey in which she loses her sister and father. And her own faith shatters.

Overall, My Life Story by Arti Honrao is definitely going to touch your heart. Rather, it will force you to intrigue within. In fact, I will say, a must read.[/sociallocker]

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