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My Evolution by Gili Weintraub Transformation Of A Mouse To A Lion

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My Evolution Or How I Changed From A Mouse To A Lion by Gili Weintraub is a fascinating story. But before you read this story you need to understand that every journey begins with a destination. A journey without any destination has no meaning. That will be something aimless and without any goals. Well, so it is important to understand where do I stand today and where do I want to reach tomorrow. Once that is clear then you just need to get going and sail along with the wind or against the wind as is the need of the hour. But it is important to understand that no path or journey is free from disruptions or risks. That is why whenever you fall remind yourself about your goals and get back on your feet. Most important is to ascertain what is your real goal in life.

My Evolution

We all have a scared mouse living in our subconscious. It is just a point of realization. As long as we don’t realize it, we keep living aimless and goalless. But the moment we realize it, we tend to crave for an evolutionary change to become a lion. Gili Weintraub says in My Evolution that it is not only a mouse living in our subconscious but there might be other animals. These animals keep interfering with your efforts to secure success in life. This is because every animal has its inhibitions. A mouse is scared of taking risks. Similarly, a dog is always seeking an instruction or order to follow or obey. But if you want you can take control of a mouse, snail, dog, or monkey living in your subconscious to move out of depression and begin a new journey where you are able to upgrade those animals.

My Evolution Is A Journey of Self Realization and Evolution

Gili Weintraub helps us discover in My Evolution that why upgrading those animals living in our subconscious is important. It is important because it helps one to live in a much more graceful, powerful, and enabling life.

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