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Murder in Paharganj An International Engrossing Plot by @Kulpreetyadav and @BloomsburyIndia

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Murder In Paharganj by Kulpreet Yadav has all material you can expect from a good and engaging thriller. This is a Vicks Menon Thriller series. Obviously, there are a lot more stories in store to come in near future. The publishers are Bloomsbury and they have a versatile range of genres they publish for a wide range of readers. The story has enough number of powerful and dynamic characters to engage you thoroughly and at the same time entertain with engrossing sequences. In a way, you become a part of the thrilling sequences involving international secret agencies from various countries. The story revolves around a murder that takes place in a cheap hotel in Paharganj. But the lady who is murdered is a Jew from Israel. Rest everything is convincing in this smartly crafted plot except the reason for murder.

Murder in Paharganj

Logically any high-level spy or intelligence office bearer from any country is well trained in terms of Professionalism, patience, and perfection. This doesn’t gel well with the murderer in the story of Murder in Paharganj by Kulpreet Yadav who kills the lady without a solid reason or purpose. That particular sequence lacks depth material. Otherwise, rest of the story gels well with the plot and theme. Everybody will love our hero of the story, Vicks Menon who manages to prove his worth with the help of his intelligence against all odds. The story has all the material for a Bollywood thriller on the big screen. In fact, all credits go to the author for curating the story in a very interesting manner.

Murder in Paharganj is a Perfect Plot

In my opinion, Murder In Paharganj is a perfect entertainer for anyone who loves fast engaging thrillers. Especially it is quite a handy stuff during travel, while waiting for your flight at an airport, while stuck in traffic, while waiting for someone in a lounge or lobby, on a beach, on a lazy Sunday, or when you want to kick away boredom. In fact, this is a fresh series by Kulpreet Yadav. Thus you can taste the new fragrance. Moreover, it is an international plot with three countries’ intelligence agencies working on a murder of a young beautiful Jew lady. That ensures enough of turmoils in the storyline.

Overall, an interesting fiction thriller. The cover fits well with the story. The best part is there is no scope for finding a logical flaw in the story. That is another strong point to keep this book under best plot stories. You can read author’s interview here.

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