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Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016: Key Highlights

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Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016 took place from July 10-14 at Toronto, Canada. Satya Nadella kicked off the conference. Digital Transformation can help ignite greater margins and faster growth for Microsoft partners. Hence it is important to take it up on a top priority. Digital Transformation was the theme of the conference. While the conference witnessed more than 16,000 attendees from 144 countries, there was a large number online. There were more than 145,000 meetings onsite. Therefore, the meet turned out to be quite productive. 40% of the attendees are first-timers.While the repeated attendees are larger but the first-time count is also substantial. Hence it matters same in both aspects.

The attendees included participants from APAC (Asia Pacific), Canada, Europe, LATAM (Latin America), MEA (the Middle East & Africa), and the United States. Primary Partners included SIs (System Integrators), VARs (Value Added Resellers), CSPs (Cloud Solution Partners), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Partners, Distributors, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Partners, ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), and LSPs (Licensing Solution Providers). While two largest chunks were of SIs and ISVs, it clearly reflects the focus. Though the largest chunk belongs to SIs and ISVs, it doesn’t lower down the importance of others. Moreover, it all depends on the customer base. Although trends worldwide are changing, but few things will always remain on top.

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016

Top 5 targeted industries included at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016 :

  1. IT & Software
  2. Financial Services, Government, Health
  3. Education, Government, Health
  4. Distribution
  5. Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail
Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference
Satya Nadella at the 2016 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

There were more than 90 global press and analysts at the MWPC. GE, Japan. While Ecolab accoladed the thriving emphasis on Digital Transformation it also announced a collaboration with Microsoft to steer up the digital journey. Hence, it is a fruitful marriage between the two. And therefore, customer’s life is supposed to get less cumbersome.

Day 1 started with the keynote by Satya Nadella. Microsoft partners can explore cloud opportunities and related fields to enhance digital transformation across various industries and in businesses of all segments. One has to experience it right away to build a stronger tomorrow, he added. The major actions were as below:

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella with GE CEO Jeff Immelt at Microsoft WPC
  • General Electric CEO, Jeff Immelt announced GE’s Predix platform for the Industrial Internet availability on the Azure cloud.
  • Japan Airlines also made a similar announcement in this regard. It plans to use Microsoft HoloLens to change the training paradigm for flight crews and mechanics. Thus it will help the airlines company to achieve better heights. And it will also help in exploring HoloLens.
  • Ecolab, with the help of Microsoft cloud, is to help companies operate in a higher sustainable manner. While this is a good strategic alliance, it will also help Microsoft customers. Thus if comfort level of customers increases, it will fetch more business.
  • Business users can find and try out line-of-business SaaS apps from Microsoft App Source. Thus it will automatically promote cloud business.
Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference
Scott Guthrie, Microsoft Executive Vice President, Cloud, and Enterprise at WPC

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016

Day 2 focused on inspiring new thinking, sparking new relationships, and drive new business opportunities across the ecosystem built by Microsoft and its partners. Microsoft celebrated partners success with an important announcement. New technology innovations and channel investments from Microsoft are there to help partners maximize their profitability in the year ahead. Partners are driving over 90% of Microsoft. The company is thus helping its partners continually grow their business to meet the evolving requirements of customers.

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference
Facebook Chief Information Officer Tim Campos on stage at Microsoft WPC

Key activities on Day 2 of Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016 included:

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference
Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Windows and Devices Group, at WPC
Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference
Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Office Marketing Kirk Koeningsbauer at WPC
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