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MealODrama Offers Unique Signature Dishes, Drama, And More

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MealODrama is a modern bistro with a capacity of 97 persons. The best part is that you have a variation of 4, 6, 8 seat tables and separate sections or blocks. The whole setup is very spacious. It is all, in fact, quite huge when it comes to tables, sofas, and chairs here. Every article here seems grand in size, feel, and comfort. Lift is there to take you to this restaurant on the second floor. A bar on your left at the entrance, opposite to it, welcomes you. A live kitchen is there on the right side of the entrance. There is a separate row of tables on the extreme left of the entrance. This is if you want to enjoy your hookahs without spoiling the mood of the people sitting around on other tables.
Food is an art at MealODrama. Like, in starters we had Lahori fish which is quite soft and juicy. A very delicate preparation, in fact, I would say. Similarly, Firangi Mushroom has an exotic taste and presentation as well. There is a fabulous stuffing between the two mushrooms that makes it quite unique. Another wonder here is Paan Ki Seekh which is fantastic. In fact, it is a unique preparation and taste probably that you will not find anywhere else. Paan Ki Seekh and Firangi Mushroom are two of the signature dishes at MealODrama. As a matter of fact, all the starters are tasty with flawless preparation.

MealODrama Is an Exciting Food Journey

I had Tuscan Greek Salad that comes in rosemary herb oil and croutons basket. In fact, croutons basket is a lovely concept that makes it highly presentable and tasty salad. If you want to explore something different in Soups section, you must try Budhapest. More than sufficient chicken dumplings that are soft and juicy in garlic crostini make it a star soup. Farms Fresh Quesadillas is another wonder to enjoy at MealODrama. California Club Pizzas is another specialty here. This is a double layer cheese burst thin crust pizza which gives you a better taste than the regular thin crust ones. Finally, in the dessert, we had Brownie with Gulab Jamun.
In the main course at MealODrama, we had Butter Chicken (a special preparation from Chef’s side), Mutton Rogan Josh, and Prawn in Lemon and Coriander sauce. Breads Olive Naan and Parat-dar-Parat Paranthas. Managing so many cuisines and a large variety of special dishes within each cuisine is a difficult task in order to maintain and sustain. It not only demands a large variety of raw material, food items, and other logistics but also specialist chefs in each section. But then if you are ready to take that risk it definitely comes with a number of benefits too. Provided you have a backup and risk management plan in place. Overall, MealODrama is an exciting food journey to experience.

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  1. Missed going to this place for some reason. Would surely pay a visit very soon as it’s near to my place.
    Wonderful post 🙂

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