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Why You Insist On Wearing A Mask On Your Face – Poetry

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Why you insist on wearing a mask on your face

all the time

with all that smile and glow

while hiding the pain deep inside

Does it not give you a blow?

Why are you disguising?


And for what purpose?

Has it not become just a matter of lifestyle for you?

I am sure you have lost all the meaning of what

you keep doing now which is

mostly for others.

Do something that makes you happy

and brings a real smile within.

This fake and artificial smile, in fact,

will automatically vanish.

You will not need to please others

by doing what you don’t like to do

but you insist to do.

Is it not a harsh reality of life

and a hard-hitting fact

that you give the least time

to yourself during all your life

and keep insisting on yourself

to perform and act the way

others will like.


I just walk through the past

just to find what I have been doing

all these years

is meaningless.

Because between pleasing others

and keeping myself happy

I mostly used to follow the earlier route

without knowing what it is costing to me.


This is what you are feeling now

after all these years.

The light is not that powerful now

to enable me to read even my face

with my own eyes.

What others read on my face with their eyes

might not be the fact

because I know already

that is far beyond exact.

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Just put off that mask for once

Will you still insist on

that state of hallucination?

Will you still keep living

in that state of mirage?

Assuming it is there all the time

what you like to have around

without realizing that in reality

it is not there.

I know that you know it very well

that deep inside something is missing badly.

Because I am no different from you.

But still, you insist.

Let it be.

If you say so.


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