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Masabaa Is A Real Treasury Of Sumptuous Food @Masabaa

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Masabaa is a real Treasure house of classic and signature range of sumptuous dishes. The menu states Masabaa The Treasury. This is the name of the outlet on the second floor for fine dining experience. The third-floor lounge bar is Masabaa. The decor is royal. So is the seating. The moment you enter you land into a different world. Light instrumental music is in the air. The second floor is for dining. Third floor is lounge bar. There is a private area on second floor for personal gathering and properties. The capacity of that personal area is 20. Rest of the are has a capacity to accommodate 76 persons. Corners have round tables with curved sofas. Long tables with royal chairs are there in the middle.


So if you are four persons together, take the side table. If your group is larger than that, take a table in the center. The capacity of lounge and bar on third floor is 99. They seating pattern and style is different on both the floor matching the theme of each floor. The second floor seating is relaxing and the music is soothing. That makes your dining experience fabulous thus doubling the enjoyment.

Masabaa has two concepts

If you like chillies, go for Chilli Shiitake Broth in soups. It is fantastic with small chunks of mushroom, vegetables, and green chillies. Khumb ki Galouti comes with a small and tasty Roti as base. The Roti has a little sweetness. Angoori Murg Tikka is hot, spicy, and melts in mouth. You can’t ask a piece tastier and softer than that. Mustard Basil Sole from Oriental Fusion is another dish to savor. It is again on the spicy side and fantastic in taste and preparation. In fact, this is the best so far. But that doesn’t indicate other dishes are less in any regard. Vinod Rawat is managing the show excellently. Keeping spices and chillies to a bit higher side is a normal trend to cater to the choice of local residents around.


So if you are on the other side, you need to tell in advance to chef for the same and then be assured that you will get the spices and chillies as per your taste. Philadelphia Cheese Rolls filled with various capsicums, mozzarella cheese, and other vegetables from World Affairs section comes with spicy mayo sauce is good. They appear same like spring rolls but taste much better. But, frankly, nothing extraordinary. The name is quite fascinating. But the dish is not so. In fact, those don’t appear like rolls in appearance. Ajwaini Jhinga from Indian starters are jumbo prawns that come with mint sauce. Grilled Tomato Risotto comes with two slices of butter-filled Bread and is quite tasty. This is another must-have dish. I would count it in light meal.

Masabaa Signatures Dishes are best!

Lemon Iced Tea is something good to accompany food. I prefer it over mocktails that are usually overly sweet. In the main course, we had Mix Veg Raita, Dal Masabaa, and Treasury Paneer Kalyani with Lahsuni Turbo Naan and Missi Roti. Missi Roti is different from what we get at popular places. You find green chili pieces in it. Lahsuni Turbo Naan that makes it different from regular garlic naan. It also comes with a touch of seasoning. Dal Masabaa is really special. Treasury Paneer Kalyani is another special signature dish that you will fall in love with. Not only with its taste but also with its presentation.


In desserts, Molten Lava Cake, Kesari Phirni, Ice Cream, Chocolate Walnut Brownie, and Moong Dal Halwa are fabulous. You will have to opt for the one according to your taste and choice. Obviously, there is no restriction to have only one. In fact, if you have a sweet tooth like me, go for all. Overall, hospitality and service is at its peak at Masabaa The Treasury, without any question. And so is the food. You will really enjoy the food here.

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