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An Interesting Story of Maria Not Sharapova #CleanUpCashOut

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Maria is my neighborhood friend. In fact, our friendship is beyond that. We are living together in the same society for last 19 years. That means we are born friends. We were together in the same playschool (or pre-school as some call) in our childhood. Even before going to play school together we were knowing each other. The credit for that goes to our parents. Her mother and mine are a teacher in the same school. The only difference between the two is the subjects they teach in the school. Her mother, Rosaline, teaches Sanskrit while my mother teaches English to senior classes. Now that is something strange that Rosaline aunty is teaching Sanskrit that too up to senior classes. For this, the credit goes to her parents who are a Hindu Brahmin family. Richard, Maria’s father married Rosaline when they were studying in a medical college together.

That bonding between Rosaline and my mother is more than two real sisters. In fact, Rosaline is not her birth name. Her real name at the time of her marriage with Richard was Manvi. Richard and Manvi were both in St. Stephens together where Manvi was doing her graduation in Sanskrit and Richard was studying History as a prime subject in his post-graduation. Hence, Manvi became Rosaline after her marriage with Richard. So the crux of the matter is that Maria and her family are as good as our extended family. In fact, right since childhood, Maria would stay with me and we both would go to school together from my home. The same was applicable to me. Whenever I would wish to stay at her home there was no objection from any end. Maria had her first laptop two years back when she topped in the senior secondary board.

For two years laptop was working fine but a month back it was totally out of order. Since it was out of warranty, Richard uncle decided to buy a new. It was a major crash as the laptop was not recognizing the hard disk and hence operating system was not loading. Probably it was physical damage in the hard disk’s sectors because even when I tried to make it a secondary disk in my laptop with the help of a USB jacket, it didn’t read that at all. In fact, it didn’t even recognize the hard disk even in my laptop. Thus the matter was closed instantly. Since today’s life is not possible to drive without gadgets like laptop, iPod, iPad, smartphone, etc., another laptop for Maria had to come within next 24 hours.

Photo credit: kitsu via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA

The best option for that was to go to the nearest electronic store that is selling good gadgets and buy one. Now what to do with the one that is out of order. After a week or so of purchasing the new laptop and getting everything settled, Maria decided to sell it off through an online second-hand store. It was good that Maria didn’t lose any data, not even of a single day, as the complete backup was on the cloud in real time through a paid service. So her old laptop was placed for sale on two different sites with a hope that some action would happen within a week. But nothing happened even after the end of two weeks, last week Maria decided to drop the idea of selling it off.

Instead, Maria decides to get a new hard disk and make it perfectly running. Now the motive was to donate it to a nearby NGO engaged in teaching poor children in slums. We were all happy with her change in the decision. After all, it is going to help someone for free but with a good purpose and to some genuine kids. Gradually, there has been a transformation in online selling of items/gadgets/devices that are of no use to us. I would definitely like to #CleanUpCashOut out of any such deal to have a good feel. Have a look at the following video get the things clearer.

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