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Magic of Warmth Brings a New Meaning To Life #MagicOfWarmth

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He was never comfortable in my presence. And in fact, he was unaware about the magic of warmth. Probably when I was there around him, he was not able to boast high about his fake achievements. Though his friends knew well about all the reality but still they would never deny what he would say. The only reason was Ravi’s pocket money. Ravi is my first cousin. His father and my father are brothers. Though both have a difference of 10 years in age, but Ravi is just a couple of years younger to me. The reason for this is the late marriage of my father. He was busy doing his research when he was young and thus was busy most of the time in the nuclear research center with his guide Dr. Pandit.

Dr. Pandit was the head of the center and was among the top most nuclear scientists of the country. By the time my father completed his research he was already 40. He was now Dr. Anup Bishnoi. His younger brother Swarup had become a successful businessman by now. Both the brothers were most eligible bachelors in the family and hence the marriage was organized the same day. I came into my parent’s life after two years of their marriage. Ravi was born two years after my birth. We were in the same school. But our lifestyles were entirely different. He was a heavy money-spender in the school. He was having a regular inflow of money from his father whose business was flourishing like anything. We never had a magic of warmth between us.

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On the other hand, my father had a fixed monthly income. He was working as a scientist in the same center under Dr. Pandit. And hence, my pocket money was quite low. The same way we were having our friends. My circle in school was more of studious and intellectual students. On the other hand, Ravi’s friends were mostly having the similar family background. I was never in the good books of Ravi. He would keep organizing parties after school hours but I was never a part of it. Ravi would never like anyone around him who would not praise him unnecessarily for anything.

Magic of Warmth

It was a grand party at home. Papa won the most prestigious award – best scientist of the country. It was his research on nuclear boundary mechanism on the Indo-Pak border that won him this award. The award amount was 50 lacs and hence Papa decided to organize a grand party in one of the best 7-stars hotel in the city. Ravi was sure I would be fully ignoring him during the event. Two days before the party I told Ravi to join the party along with his best friends. It was quite shocking for him. But I was happy for bringing the magic of warmth in between us. It was something different.

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