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LT Foods Hosts A Grand Daawat With World Class Chefs

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This was a different kind of event. There were a number of world-class chefs at the event. And the event was including a live demonstration of various recipes. The key ingredient was Daawat Basmati Rice. Daawat is one of the premium brands by LT Foods. The other brands include Heritage and Royal. All these are a premium class of Basmati Rice. We get by the name of Daawat Basmati Rice in India. While it becomes Royal Basmati Rice in the United States. The quality remains the same. As a matter of fact, LT Foods with brands like Daawat, Heritage, and Royal are among the global leaders in various countries. These countries include India and the U.S.

It was a fabulous Daawat (treat) from LT Foods when we got a chance to taste food prepared by and under the guidance of the top chefs of world class. These include Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, and the U.S. Chef Joseph “JJ” Johnson. In fact, several other chefs also were present there. As a matter of fact, Joseph “JJ” Johnson is one among the top 10 rising chefs of the U.S. And who doesn’t know Sanjeev Kapoor now. He is a legend and a worldwide phenomenon. If it about food, he is to be there. While they were using Daawat Basmati rice here in India at this event when in the U.S., they use Royal. And As I say, both are some except the name and packing. In addition, the information on the packing would be varying according to the compliance guidelines of both the countries respectively.

LT Foods Is A Global Legend In Basmati Rice

Chef JJ is a famous entity in New York. He loves to work with rice and other grains. In fact, he is the recipient of many rewards and accolades. An invitation from LT Foods was the sole reason for his visit to this event in India. He was here to visit the basmati growing farms in India. And also to study country’s culinary and cultural heritage. All the chefs present were quite interactive and open to answering any query. A live demonstration on cooking basmati rice was the key highlight. In fact, Chef JJ came to know quite a few secrets of biryani making from Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. There was also a team from Star Chefs Media. Star Chefs Media are partnering with LT Foods in order to promote Basmati among the chefs in the U.S.

Presenting his own views on the occasion, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor says, “I have been associated with LT Foods long before I started working with their brand Daawat. One of the main factors for this long association has been LT Food’s commitment to not only supply extremely good quality products which we can use to highlight our recipes, but also their strong commitment to the chef community and working with them in delivering solutions that are relevant to the chefs. I was happy to note how LT Foods is working similarly in the U.S and across the globe to spread basmati which I believe is one of the finest rice grains. I was delighted to share the secret of biryani cooking with Chef JJ and through him into the U.S.”

LT Foods Brings Chefs From The Globe Together

Expressing his views, Chef JJ says I am in love with India!  I just can’t get enough of its vibrant Flavours, Spices, and Culture.  To be around and see where authentic basmati rice is grown, and to meet the local farmers has been a game changer for me!  Thanks to Royal Basmati and LTFA I have a whole new respect for one of my favorite types of rice to cook with. And I can’t wait to get back and share some of my journey in some new dishes I will create using Basmati rice and all that I have learned about Indian food and Culture!”

Vijay Kumar Arora, CMD, LT Foods Ltd. was also present at the event to tell about the increasing love for Daawat across the globe. He says, “Daawat is now a globally recognized brand and our focus towards ensuring its growth to the farthest corners of the world has now borne fruit in the form of Daawat and Royal becoming an integral part of American households and reaching the No. 1 position in the Basmati rice category in North America. We strive to further deliver on the expectations of our beloved customers and will look to conquer many more hearts and markets across the globe in the coming years.”

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