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Losing My Religion by Vishwas Mudagal: Do You Have Courage To Fall

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I had interviewed Vishwas Mudagal way back on April 11, 2011 on Blogcritics and then republished the same interview on my blog. That interview was not at all about Vishwas Mudagal as a writer. It was purely for Vishwas Mudagal as a hardcore Techie to apprise about his innovative ventures, achievements and awards. Probably excellence is one of the key expertise of Vishwas, whatever he gets into. Whether it is about entrepreneurial skills, managing companies as a CEO, being a Management Coach, Building Brands & Products, Creating Sustainable Enterprise – years back; or writing his debut fiction novel  Losing My Religion. Though it is a fiction, it reflects more about his rich professional experience, his keen interest in looking at life with a serious in depth interpretation and his excellent writing & expressing skills (good expression comes automatically in Coaches).
Losing My Religion by Vishwas Mudagal

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