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Living With Merlin by Anita Bakshi – Lost Everything But Not Togetherness

Living With Merlin by Anita Bakshi is a book of spelling out hardest grief of her life. I will call it a book of consolidation. A consolidation that is essential when all of a sudden something unexpected occurs in life. It is like assessing the balance sheet of your life after a tsunami. Meeting your soulmate doesn’t happen in everybody’s life. And spending the sweetest phase of your life with your soulmate is a blessing. That too when everything is going well in all aspects. And then when the biggest jerk of your life snatches your soulmate away from you, forever, brings a big disaster. A disaster where nothing looks good in life. When you have to drag every moment of your life in a forceful manner. Where nothing looks good. And you are not able to cope up with that sudden void or blank in life.

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