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Leadership Framed by Art by Iris Lavy Creates A Wonderful Correlation

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There are a plenty of books on Leadership. Every year, I think, there is an addition of 2% new books on the topic out of the total books. But few books remain always remain on the top irrespective of newcomers in the field. Leadership Framed by Art by Iris Lavy falls in that category. As is evident, enterprises spend a huge amount on the training of their employees to turn them into true leaders. But do they get a return on the same? In fact, all training programs across the enterprises have less than 50% returns. Because most of the training programs lose track and focus. The main purpose of any training is to bring change in the organization. And changing with the change is the most among factor for leadership. In fact, leaders ought to bring change.

Leadership Framed by Art

Leadership Framed by Art emphasizes equally on change. The business environment is passing through turbulent waters across the globe. Things are becoming complex and cumbersome. Welcoming change and disruption is important. Equally important is to adapt these changing equations fast and turn the tide to your favor. That should be the quality of leadership coaching programs. Leaders need to have a right balance of change adapters, change makers, visionaries, doers, and thinkers. And it is not easy to cultivate such kind of true leaders in an organization. Above all, a leader has to be a fast learner. Hence, it is important to evaluate and identify your inner leadership capacity. That is where Leadership Framed By Art comes into the picture.

Leadership Framed by Art Is A Must Read

In fact, Leadership Framed by Art creates a new relationship between modern art and business leadership. Rather, the modern art can become a hugely inspiring actor to develop modern day leaders.The book is a must read for all aspiring leaders, existing leaders, and people working in the professional environment.



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