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Kuch Woh Pal by Subrat Saurabh – An Adolescent Poetry

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Kuch Woh Pal by Subrat Saurabh is a sincere debut effort by the author in poetry genre. This collection of 51 poems in 73 pages though pours Subrat’s heart out in expressing his feelings and suffering but there is a lot of scope of polishing his talent in this regard. In fact, it takes some different kind of energy to enhance your writing skills and expressing your ideas in a better way. But if the zeal stays intact, anybody can achieve it with key ingredients like practice, discipline, and introspecting. The fire within works faster and better than any push from outside. Many poems start in a very promising manner but soon lose track thus resulting in the reader losing interest. At times, you might feel reading a poem from Sunday magazine entertainment section of a newspaper. Or it might appear like a poem from a school magazine.

Kuch Woh Pal

Maturity level brings a right kind of gripping and intensity in poetry. If that is missing, it may lose track in creating a factor of curiosity in the reader’s mind. Poetry is a softer side of writing. That is why taking care of fragility is more important in it. Sometimes writing a review becomes difficult especially for a book having a unidirectional approach and not much of depth in writing. Very few pages, lack of versatility, no rhythm, lack of energy, and immature level of expression are some of the shortfalls in Kuch Woh Pal by Subrat Saurabh. It looks like a bouquet of flowers but which are dull and colorless probably in lack of a perfect curator. Despite having an urge to express, the expression itself loses track repeatedly.

Kuch Woh Pal Lacks Intensity and Gravity

Maturity is something that is very important in writing. If there is a flow, it creates continuity. Continuity creates a connection with its readers. And a connect further creates interest. This is extensively missing in Kuch Woh Pal by Subrat Saurabh. I could not find those elements of connecting, continuity, and flow. It looks like a collection of a beginner in the field. A deeper level of thoughts, introspection, and intensity is missing. There is too much of echo of similar kind of thoughts, feeling, and ideas. Poetry, in particular, has to be fewer words and more expression with a good amount of warmth and comfort. It is something that comes from the heart in a powerful manner and connects to the mind and heart of the reader with the same impact. Now, that doesn’t mean author ‘s failure.

A stumbling on the first step doesn’t prove lack of power. And, at times, it is important to learn the kind of gravity any good poetry contains by reading some world-class poets. As of now, most of the poems are monotonous and without a soul in it. Let us look at a poem by Subrat Saurabh in Kuch Woh Pal and understand what could have been better. You are now alone is the title of a poem on page 45. The beginning comprising of first four lines itself is unimpressive. Otherwise, the title though sets a different kind of tone and perception in mind. But the moment you start reading the poem, it seems all the four lines have no sync with each other and neither with the title. The same is the case with most of the other poems. None, I would say, is exceptional in that regard.

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