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Kangana Ranaut Is Irresponsible and Unethical Towards Businesses?

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Kangana Ranaut is giving a totally baseless statement. It is not only unethical but also an irresponsible statement from the so-called celebrity actress. When she says ‘We are just the face of the brand’, she ensures it is like the Pug in Vodafone ad. Of course, a dog can’t own responsibility or ownership of any kind while endorsing a product, but a human being can. And in fact, has to. Unless he or she of not out of his or her senses. She goes totally immoral while giving this statement. What she says is ‘It is wrong to hold any actor liable for brand endorsements’. Well, brands need take a note of it to ensure such an irresponsible person does not get any ads any further. Otherwise, it will definitely impact on their reputation.
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Because if it is Kangana Ranaut coming in their ads, it is only because of money. And there is no ethics involved in it from her end. She is, in fact, disowning any moral responsibility towards her fans and followers. After this, she is free to do an ad for any damn sub-standard product because she has no moral responsibility towards public. In fact, all dubious businesses can now approach her to endorse their product just in exchange of money. Whether the product is suitable it not it doesn’t matter. So all people must take a note of buying any product if it is her endorsing it. It has also put a big question mark on the sanctity of businesses approaching her for endorsement of their products.
Kangana Ranaut Goes Out of Social Responsibility

Kangana Ranaut is also questioning Indian government on this issue. While the government is emphasizing to put a law in place. Under this law, it will be punishing celebrities for misleading advertisements. In fact, it also means you as a celebrity are misguiding masses. And on this, the not so popular actress Kangana Ranaut is raising objections. Now it is clear she is treating herself not better than the pug in Vodafone ad. I am sure most of the celebrities will not agree to what Kangana Ranaut says. Because all of them are responsible and sensible.

It is high time for businesses and public to understand that whatever Kangana Ranaut is endorsing is of no value and sanctity. I wish her good luck for her ads and film career. Because her attitude will remain same when she selects a role. It will be merely for money. No more no less. Although she doesn’t get much roles and offers. And in fact, she does not fit well in the character. Because of her to typical style and being a stereotype in her acting.

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