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Kalpak in Noida Sector 50 is a Hidden Treasure To Explore and Relish

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Kalpak is a hidden treasure to explore and cherish. Light instrumental music is soulful and soothing. It is too mild thus creates no disturbance and does not force you to speak louder. In fact, the music creates a right kind of atmosphere that is quite joyful. The ambiance is quite perfect. It is a mix of full-length wood pipes on one wall. A set of cute metal flower petals with round mirror in the center of each petal on the opposite wall. Full wall window shades on the side facing outside. Drinks counter is right at the entrance. A small delivery desk right outside the door of the main kitchen. Excellent setup of nine tables nicely arranged. That way the space utilization is optimum.
All tables have four chairs except the one in the center that has two. But since the whole setup is modular everything can be reset to make any seater tables. Rectangular tables with rounded chairs make is a fabulous arrangement. Chairs at Kalpak are very comfortable. Tables are wide enough to accommodate servings. Everything is so perfect here. And thus I call it a hidden treasure. Even in the extreme heat outside during the peak of the day, air conditioners are perfect enough to give you chilling effect. Wide circular chairs with half back give you a grand feel and complete comfort. Otherwise, at some places sitting for longer duration makes it painful. All these factors, in fact, make you spend more time here than you plan. Cleanliness is perfect.

Kalpak Creates a Magical Atmosphere

Evenings make the seating capacity double to 70-80. It is due to summers that the seating during the day can only be indoor that is the second floor. While in the evening, the terrace is the ideal place to enjoy. Papads with the main course are so crisp at Kalpak. The green salad plate is so well arranged and presented. In my opinion, it is no less than a 5-star quality food. So even if the price looks higher on the first go, you will realize a great value for money after having food here. The place has some magic to make you stay longer and eat more. The whole credit goes to the admiring silence and fabulous food. The Chef is from Darjeeling but has been to many places before landing here. He enjoys creating great dishes that people really relish.
Though every dish is great in presentation and taste at Kalpak, let me share some dishes that you should not miss. The Momos Soup and Burmese Khao Suey are excellent. In the former, the clear soup comes in a glass while the steamed momos and glass noodles are in a bowl. My Burmese Khao Suey soup was, in fact, a complete meal in itself. I had the seafood one. It had a lot of noodles and seafood in a thick gravy of coconut milk and some aromatics. But I am sure any other soup would be equally tasty and unique having a wonderful presentation. In Indian veg starters, Khumb Anarkali and Veg Mattar Seekh are fantastic. In Indian non-veg, I had Charcoal Grilled Pomfret. Golden Fried Prawn in Oriental non-veg starters is a not to miss delicacy.

Kalpak Has A Great Sync In Everything

In Indian veg main course, I had Borocolli Malai Curry. This is a tasty dish with thick gravy prepared in coconut sauce. Kaju Mattar Makhana is a specialty at Kalpak. In fact, I feel, every dish here is a specialty. Among four varieties of Dals, I had Dal Maharani and it was delicious. Veg Stuffed Paratha is something you don’t get elsewhere. Chicken Fried Rice is also a good choice.
The complete sync between silent atmosphere with the light instrumental music in the background, excellent ambiance, superb service and hospitality, catchy presentation of food, and superbly tasty food at Kalpak make it a magical time here. And we have not yet talked about drinks, mocktails, and desserts that is another secret to reveal. Do it by yourself! Bon Apetit!

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