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Juvenile Criminal Shootout In A Dummy Encounter – A #ShortStory

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Rathore, ACP Crime Branch is not happy with the verdict. Four of the five culprits have been given strictest of the punishment by law that is hand till death. But the tragedy is that the same law does not apply to the fifth culprit who is a juvenile. Though all five were the part of the same heinous crime. Raping an innocent girl and killing her in the most brutal manner. Then why the fifth person is getting the least stringent punishment. He just has to stay in a refinement center and come out after a couple of years. What is the guarantee that he will improve? And then why not give a similar chance to all the other four persons? If that is not possible, why not treat the juvenile equal in crime and punish him equally? A sincere officer like Rathore is not able to digest it.

Juvenile Arit is now adult after spending two years in a refinement center in Pune. He is out and free. Free even after doing a heinous crime. Society and the parents of that innocent victim could never accept it. But then the law is law. And what is the value of that law that has so many leakages? It changes according to the reputation of a culprit. Arit is now in Kerala working as a chef in a big restaurant. Rathore keeps observing his activities and finds no change in him. Rathore has close associate Vasanthi who is her colleague in crime branch. She is a new recruit and is deputed at the same location where that restaurant is.Vassanthi keeps visiting Turncoat Restaurant where Arit is working as a head chef. She has to keep an eye on his activities as per instructions from her boss Rathore.

Juvenile Culprit

Rathore knows a lot of recent stories about Arit’s mischievous activities with women around. But he can’t arrest as Arit is not a juvenile anymore. In fact, he has become an expert in crime. And leaves no proof of his wrongdoings. Rathore has a plan in mind. He instructs Vasanthi to visit the restaurant quite often and appear like a modern girl. Vasanthi starts visiting the lounge section often and has a wine glass in his hand as long as she stays there. Arit keeps visiting the lounge area trying to figure out the best of the women especially who are alone. After noticing Vasanthi closely for a few days he offers her a drink that she doesn’t refuse. After gossiping for a couple of hours he invites her to the kitchen to teach her a new dish. She accepts. Everything was going as per Rathore’s plan so far.

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Vasanthi acts as over drunk and that becomes a golden chance for Arit. He didn’t imagine it is a trap. He tries to do the same what he did as a juvenile. The moment his intentions were clear, Vasanthi takes out a chewing box from her purse. She tells Arit that he can do whatever he wants to do but only after having that chewing gum that removes the smell of onions and garlic within minutes. The culprit is going to be the victim but unknowingly. Meanwhile, as per plan, the local police is already there outside the kitchen waiting for a signal from Vasanthi, but in plain clothes. The chewing gum has its impact now on Arit. Vasanthi tells him that there are some people chasing outside who want to kidnap her for wrong purposes.

Juvenile Killer

Arit takes out his gun and hides behind the wall. And tell her to call them inside. One time juvenile Arit is now an adult. The door opens and five men enter. Arit and Vasanthi are hiding behind a wall. Arit is feeling a little drowsy but he has to kill these men to get Vasanthi. After an exchange of a few bullets from both sides, a bullet hits Arit in his ribs. He falls down. A bag full of high currency notes and another of heavy ammunition are lying near his body. He is almost unconscious. And as per the current instruction from Rathore, Arit gets the last bullet in his head and dies. The juvenile who didn’t respect the law and refinement center dies to his own fate.

Rathore gets appreciation from the Commissioner for killing a terrorist red-handed with a recovery of huge currency and ammunition from him. The story of a juvenile is over. But who knows how many are still there in the society? Where are the Rathores?

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