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Just Businesses Is The First B2B Global Portal @JustBusinesses

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Kumar Savar Malhotra is a third generation restaurateur. He is now stepping into the startup industry with his new venture, Just Businesses. In fact, it is an altogether different and innovative concept. It is an imminent business marketing portal that caters to the global business community by connecting complementing businesses around the world. Savar is quite successful in his existing venture as working partner in one of the legendary restaurants in the heart of the capital city. After completing his hospitality management from the prestigious Les-Roches Switzerland he got a chance to work with brands like ITC, Nirulas, Mandarin Oriental Fortune Hotel, before joining his family business, The Embassy Restaurant (Legendary Restaurant Chain since 1948).

Just Businesses

While managing the business, Savar realized that everything is online these days, but there is nothing that can help you find businesses online. There are only fun apps and social platforms but no serious portal for businesses. There are many applications that are meant to make the life easier for a customer, but the businesses still need to struggle to reach out to other business ventures. It is one of its kind platforms that deal with outbound marketing. Savar aims to make the life of business owners easier. He aims big for Just Businesses. His 5-year plan is to see it as consultancy businesses with over 100 million users. Savar handles everything on his own. That includes guiding his 10 people tech team with the functionalities and other details.

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Apart from managing Just Business and The Embassy, he makes it a point that he takes out time for his hobbies. Like, playing golf, drums and watching movies. His dedication and futuristic approach towards work is nothing but inspiring, and he aims to make the life of people easier with his venture.

Just Businesses Has A Unique Concept

Q1) What are Just Businesses all about and what are its core strengths? What is the concept all about?

Savar: Just Businesses, a digital platform that connects business owners around the world launches a mobile application for Android and iOS. It is, in fact, the first B2B global portal that is dedicated to business owners who are looking to reach out to business for growth and profit purposes. In the current mobile application scenario, there are applications and portals that mainly focus on the requirements of the end user, but there is nothing that can make the business owner’s life easier. This is where Just Business comes to rescue. As a matter of fact, with no direct competitors, we are providing a free subscription to our first 1 million users, and post that, we plan to charge a minimal subscription fee.

Q2) What makes it a unique concept and different from other similar initiatives?

Savar: Being the first of its kind, Just Businesses has its core philosophy that there is always some business looking for your service and vice versa. With just a few simple steps, you can set up your account and mention the fields in which you can get (customers) or give (Vendors) business. This B2B startup provides every business owner or an individual a service provider, the facility to personally interact with another member only when they allow access. So you can strategically choose the business categories you can get (Customers) business from or give (Vendors) business to, and establish contact with a service provider only if their requirements suit yours. Just Businesses doesn’t only gives its users the leverage of the potential and simplicity of mobile applications, but also testifies to be a panacea for spam traffic.

Just Businesses Is About Outbound Marketing and Networking

Q3) Who are your target businesses to adopt this concept and why? Are businesses in India really serious about outbound marketing and networking?

Savar: We have listed over 380 business verticals. We are targeting almost everyone. From doctors restaurateurs to vets. It’s not only businesses in India but businesses all over who are serious about outbound marketing. But the problem with outbound marketing is it is very expensive a jingle on the radio or a tv advertisement. You have a lot of viewership but you don’t know who all are watching your ad. And whether or not it was fruitful. With JB we want you to get connections with genuine businesses who have already requested for you. So the chances of the match are more also a B2B connect also promises repeat business.

We have doctors who connect with travel agents to promote medical tourism. There are loads of combinations which can be made and proves more promising

Q4) What makes your concept global? What is the importance of mobility for a business? How can it enhance productivity and profitability?

Savar: JUST BUSINESSES is a global platform though we have started our release from India. We want to be everywhere. There are a lot of businesses which do not have the limitation of land. For example, an information technology company in the United States can give business to a content writer sitting in India through our platform. How this platform enhances productivity is that it lets you concentrate on your business and product rather than bothering about marketing. You can simply download the app, create your profile and sit back. As we start working on your matchmaking and try to get you healthy business connects. This way you can enjoy the fruits of your business without running around.

Just Businesses aims to have more than 100 million users in next 5 years

There is so much of cold calling today from all types of businesses. For example bank and insurance. So many times the call is rudely cut short. Imagine through Just Businesses their profile goes to only those people who can give them business. Thus resulting in no energy waste.

Q5) When did you launch Just Businesses? How is the response in the market? What is the expansion plan?

Savar: Just Businesses was officially released in 3rd week of August. The response till now has been great. We are getting a lot of genuine business profiles every day. There have been more than 20000 matches already on our platform. People are chatting with each other. Just Businesses will provide the technology that changes the way you do business and will promote smart business communication globally. With no direct competitor, Just Business aims at diversifying into consultancy businesses. The aim is to have more than 100 million users in next 5 years.

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