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Jungle Jamboree Restaurant and Food Review Great Buffet Greater Place

Ambiance, decor, aesthetics, theme, food quality, food variety, and service are the winning factors of Jungle Jamboree Restaurant in Connaught Place. If you have never been to this fabulous dream-like restaurant, you must visit it now. There are three floors, and each floor has its own charm and purpose. So probably when you visit it for the first time, you will have an urge to come again to enjoy other floors. Jungle Jamboree Restaurant is really like a dream world. In fact, it has been in the ‘Great Buffet‘ category on Zomato for long. And once you visit here, you will agree to Zomato. There are two outlets as of now. One is in Connaught place. And the other is in the food hub of Gurgaon, that is Sector 29. The good news is that the third outlet is about to open in Rajouri Garden.
Jungle Jamboree

Jungle Jamboree Restaurant and Food Review

Imagine you are sitting in a jungle. A squirrel comes to take an order. A rabbit serves you starters. And then a beer comes to ask about the quality of food. And so on. Well, you are almost in a jungle at Jungle Jamboree. But since this is not an actual jungle, hence the human staff is there to serve you.

Jungle Jamboree Restaurant and Food Review

The perfect ambiance is key here. It is an ideal place to visit for children. And in fact, it’s a place to enjoy. Seven-course buffet is an innovative concept. And there is quite a dynamism in different courses. Some, you get on the table while for others you have to help yourself. There are three floors. Floor one has two themes – jungle and aqua. This floor is for the buffet. Floor two is Ala Carta. And there is kid’s zone on this floor. Floor three is the lounge. So plan accordingly. You can use the lift if you can’t afford to use stairs.

Jungle Jamboree Restaurant and Food Review

Now, about food. Every dish in every course is tasteful. In fact,  couldn’t afford to miss any. There are plenty of chicken variants in various courses to relish on. Rather, variety in the buffet is plentiful and tasteful. Beautifully curated buffet menu, in fact. As a matter of fact, Jungle Jamboree is a must visit for everyone.

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