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Jungle Jamboree Rajouri Garden – Dining In The Jungle and Aqua

Full marks to the ambiance, food, and wall decors at this newly opened restaurant Jungle Jamboree Rajouri Garden. Wonderful to see how to imbibe perfection outnumbering any constraints. The Rajouri outlet goes on the same themes as of the on in Connaught Place. It is the staff that is new and will take some time to gel well with the culture of this thematic chain of restaurants. That will definitely bring the comfort and ease on their faces and in their body language at Jungle Jamboree Rajouri Garden. I am sure all new ventures are like this only.

Jungle Jamboree Rajouri Garden

Unlike Connaught Place outlet, kiddies section, Ala-Carte, and a separate lounge is not there at Jungle Jamboree Rajouri Garden. That is the situation as of now. The former two would be starting shortly. Regarding lounge, I am not currently sure of. This is, of course, a different theme altogether and is already quite popular in and around Rajouri Garden area.

Jungle Jamboree Rajouri Garden Restaurant Review

Jungle Jamboree Rajouri Garden

The food, as such, is as fabulous here at Jungle Jamboree Rajouri Garden as was at their Connaught Place outlet. The seven-course buffet, a mini grill on your table, the variety of these courses, and food preparation, and the presentation are all very innovative. And, rather, interesting too. There is a good amount of varieties in desserts. Refilling is instant, hence there is no waiting for any dishes during the buffet. Veg  & non-veg lasagnas, veg & non-veg Thai curries, and Biryani are good in taste and flavor. Overall, a nice place to enjoy dining around jungle and aqua surroundings. It is kids, youth, and families that enjoy most here. To summarize, Jungle Jamboree Rajouri Garden is a fantastic place for dining with family, friends, and kids to cherish. And, in fact, one of the best places in and around west Delhi to rejoice the meals and the decor.

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