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Jack & Master by Karan Verma: A Promising Debut For A Lot More To Come

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Jack & Master is not the best from Karan Verma. As it is yet to come. But there is a sincere and clear promise in his writing. That he has undoubtedly the potential to produce one in the times to come. And probably many more thereafter. The story of Jack & Master: A tale of friendship, passion, and glory¬†has two great features. It is excellently molded and flawless. It is about two extremely opposite guys who meet for the first time in Grinnel’s University, Goa. And after their first encounter, they happen to meet and interact at various instances of their life. Some common and some discreet. During next 20 years of their life. Till both reach to a common dais to share a plethora of achievements and failure in their individual lives.
Jack & Master by Karan Verma

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