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11 Ways the iPhone X Beats the iPhone 7: iPhone X vs iPhone 7

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Apple has been launching a new device every year since the inception of the iPhone in 2007. Each year, they introduce a more advanced device. For the year 2017, the company launched iPhone X which preceded iPhone 7 released in 2016. Although iPhone X is not the only device launched in 2017, still the device stands out as the best over iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. On this post, we have reviewed ways the iPhone X beats iPhone 7. Let’s see how iPhone X vs iPhone 7 makes it the former a true winner.

iPhone X vs iPhone 7
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iPhone X vs iPhone 7 emerges iPhone X as the best

  1. The first thing you note while comparing iPhone X to iPhone 7 is the display size. On this case, iPhone X beats iPhone 7 with a margin of over 1 inch. iPhone X has a screen size of 5.8 inches while iPhone 7 has 4.7.
  2. When it comes to screen resolution, iPhone X still is far much better with 2436×1125 pixels while iPhone 7 has 1334X750.
  3. Another thing that makes iPhone X have more clear and stunning images is the Pixels per Inch. iPhone has 326ppi while iPhone X has 458ppi.
  4. Comparing the two devices RAM makes iPhone X the best with 3GB while the iPhone 7 has 2GB this is a significant upgrade.
  5. Although the iPhone 7’s processor- A10 fusion works just fine, the apple team decided to upgrade it and ensure that upgrading from iPhone 7 to iPhone X is worth. In fact, iPhone X is equipped with Apple A11 Bionic processor.
  6. It is not yet confirmed whether users of iPhone 7 will be able to upgrade their operating system from iOS 10 to iOS 11. This is one of the features that make iPhone X superior to iPhone 7.
  7. The design of the iPhone X beats iPhone 7. It has no home button which increases the screen space. The device also has a glass back cover compared to iPhone 7’s aluminum cover.
  8. Battery life is another thing that gives a reason to upgrade to iPhone X. Apple has been gradually improving the battery life of their devices. And the previous version of iPhone can prove that. As a matter of fact, iPhone X can last 2 hours longer than iPhone 7.
  9. The Camera. The two devices have 7 MP front camera and 12 MP rear camera. It may seem like there is no improvement on the device’s camera. But the iPhone X has dual rear camera lenses to ensure that the user can take quality photos. With or without zooming.
  10. Concentrating on the physical features, iPhone X is bigger than iPhone 7. The device is also heavier, but its beauty and design hide all that. However, more and more people are willing to buy a bigger phone.
  11. The price of the two phones differs with greater margin almost double. The iPhone X price starts from $999 while iPhone 7 starts from $549 according to Amazon.

iPhone X vs iPhone 7 Conclusion


With all the devices in the market, iPhone X can be termed as one of the best in judging from it features design and battery life. Upgrading from iPhone 7 to iPhone X is worth after going through iPhone vs iPhone 7 comparison above.

This post was written by Alissa Davis. She writes articles on technology.

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