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Investshield is A Perfect Mix of Protection and Investment by CHOICE

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CHOICE Life Insurance brings Investshield. Investshield is a new investment plan. It matches perfectly with modern day lifestyles and requirements. We all need protection in life. At the same time, we also need growth. Here I am talking about financial growth. While insurance covers the protection component of life, it is the investment that brings in chances of growth in life. What is better than a plan that is part protection and part investment. Hence covering all requirements of life acquisitively. That is the beauty of this new plan that Canara HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) and OBC (Oriental Bank of Commerce).

Investshield aims to deliver protection through various options with a flexibility to opt as per your needs. The flexibility provides you to choose the benefit options that suit you best. As we all know the basic aim of our life is to protect ourselves and our family at its best. A good financial plan can help to achieve these aims. And at the same time, the plan must also be able to protect in critical conditions. Investshield works in the same lines. It gives you best possible value against your investment. At the same time, it also gives you to select the best suiting protection plan among many available.

The application process is quite simple and hassle free. The moment you decide to go for Investshield to insure your life, you can manage it in no time. The best part is the process is so simple that it is available at your fingertips. On top of it, you can choose your benefit options as per your choice and fitment. You can select the most feasible and appropriate plan. The flexibility in the plan allows you to customize it as per your needs and necessity.

Investshield is a plan for everyone

The days are gone when it was only insurance plans available in the market. The needs of individuals have changed over a period of time. Gradually the life has become quite complex and busy. Under such circumstances, the insurance and investment plans need to be in one place. As a matter of fact, there has to be a fair amount of flexibility and liberty in selecting the best plan for you and your family’s life protection and growth. Investshield promises to fulfill these criteria in all aspects.

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