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International Girl Child Day – Why Discrimination and Challenges for Girls?

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Today is International Girl Child Day. India is a country of disruption and disparity. On one hand, we worship Goddesses. And on the other hand, the people of our country kill a child girl even before she arrives in this world. That is the prime reason of increasing difference in sex ratio. And then this difference gives birth to so many crimes, irregularities, and imbalances in society. All this impacts the nation to a larger extent.

But still, there are few in the country who respect her as a gift from God. They treat her equally in all aspects of life. And thus such girls grow in an environment of freedom brighten the name of their family, society, and country. On this International Girl Child Day, let us all take an oath in this regard. Let there be no discrimination and gender bias. As a matter of fact, let every child get an equal chance and opportunities to grow.

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There are few states in India welcoming the birth of a girl child. Most of the states don’t welcome it. And for that reason, various discriminations  start imposing on her even before her birth. Otherwise, if she survives and she is able to take birth, it becomes still more cumbersome for her. Right from her arrival, she has to face discrimination, oppression, and humiliation every moment of her life. She has to face this difference not only in case of healthcare and education but also when it comes to growth opportunities. She has to face this neglect and gender bias throughout her life.

International Girl Child Day

Basically a punishment and that too very harsh and severe. And that too because of no crime. Who are these people who create so much of complexity in her life? And what right these people have? In fact, they are the one lacking education. On this International Girl Child Day, let us send them a strong message.

As we all know, only a few of the girls manage to survive and foster new paths to follow. Especially where the society is more severe and stringent against them. Most, however, surrender hopelessly to the sad fate being helpless. Why can’t we create the world where girls are celebrated? Where we treat them equally, with love and respect. I think it is just a matter of change of attitude. Let us all give the same opportunities and protection as boys. In fact, the whole spectrum of treatment must be at par. Let a girl’s childhood also be preserved, cherished, nurtured, and protected. Every girl has an equal right to survive, develop, be safe, and participate in decisions that impact her life and future. Let us make this International Girl Child Day more meaningful and worthy.

International Girl Child Day

As Soha Moitra, Regional Director – North, CRY (Child Rights and You)  says “Girls by virtue of their gender face discrimination and challenges at every stage of their lives. The deep-seated patriarchy combined with poverty keeps them away from many rights and comforts which generally come easily to boys. Be it female foeticide, education, health, early marriage or household responsibilities, girls are usually the first ones to suffer. That is precisely the reason why empowerment of girls is not just necessary but also the need of the hour. We have so many examples of girls who with the right support and guidance have shattered perceptions and stereotypes and have managed to make a mark for themselves despite the odds. We need to work towards a society that treats everyone equally and where girls don’t have to fight for a space that is rightfully theirs”.

Can we really bring a change in society on International Girl Child Day?


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  1. It is a challenge and that needs to be dealt with stronger determination to provide the much deserved respect for girl child. Thanks.

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