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Indus Valley Gel Hair Colour Is Natural, Herbal, and Risk-Free

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The moment you think about a hair or skin product, a lot of safety issues come to your mind. Firstly, will it be safe for my skin or hair? Secondly, will it have a long lasting negative impact? Thirdly, will this impact be irreversible? And Lastly, will it create complications? Though this is not the end. Different situations, different minds, and different matters will create different questions in mind. People who don’t care about these issues and apply any product suffer later. Sometimes the intensity of complications goes beyond control. Whenever it comes to skin, beauty, and hair care products, you need to be extra careful. This is where Indus Valley Gel Hair Colour comes into the picture.

Though there are more than five dozen beauty and cosmetic care products from Indus Valley, most of these are brand leaders in the market segment. Especially for the reason because these are natural, herbal, and risk-free. There is a deep research behind each product before its launch and marketing. And in fact, behind every product launch is a scientific approach. The credit for this goes to Shyam Arya and Seema Arya. Both are scientists with a huge experience and serious approach. As a matter of fact, both are world leaders when it comes to experts in organic beauty and cosmetic care. Indus Valley Gel Hair Colour is, in fact, the USP of this organic brand.

Indus Valley Gel Hair Colour Is Natural

Shyam Arya showcased Indus Valley products with detailed explanation and each query was answered quite satisfactorily. Indus Valley took birth in 2007 and since then it has been evolving regularly as a global leader. In fact, within a short span of time. The Indus Valley Gel Hair Colour and other products are available in over 50 e-Commerce portals and 18 countries globally. The brand that brings natural products believes deeply in the power of Ayurveda.

As far as Indus Valley Gel Hair Colour is concerned, it is one of the most exclusive products by the brand.Most of the prestigious doctors, especially, skin specialist, beauty experts, and dermatologists recommend these products. The brand also had an edge over obtaining world class certifications. These certifications include Bio Natural, Halal, EcoCert and so on. If we talk about the exclusive benefits of Indus Valley Gel Hair Colour, these are as below:

  1. The product is free from harmful chemicals like H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide), NH3 (Ammonia), Ba (Barium), and other heavy metals.
  2. It contains herbal constituents like Aloe vera, Amla, Honey, Basil, Sunflower, Orange, Wheatgerm. All these herbal ingredients are extremely beneficial for hair and skin care needs.
  3. The product gives absolute grey coverage.
  4. It works as a permanent hair colour for a duration of over three months.
  5. Its exclusive gel texture brings a refreshing and pleasing feel to the applicant.
  6. In addition, it brings a refreshing and soothing aroma of orange during and posts application.

To know more about Indus Valley Gel Hair Colour you can visit their website here. You can also visit and follow their Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram accordingly.



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  1. I am only 35 and after highlighting my hair, I am facing premature graying issues. Really don’t know how to handle the problem. Can this hair color assure me protection from premature graying? Is this a chemical-free hair color?

    1. Yes, it is chemical-free and harmless to skin and hair. You can use it for the said purpose without any fear.

  2. After coming across your review, even I feel I should switch over to a completely natural hair color like this. Organic hair colors are rare these days and even if you have such hair colors they may not be upto the mark. So choice is always difficult. Your points have however provided me a clarity about the several ingredients and specialties of the Indus Valley Gel Hair Color and without an iota of doubt I would love to go for this herbal hair dye.

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