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Indus Flavour GTB Nagar – Food With Indus Valley Civilization Theme

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Indus Flavour is a theme restaurant. In fact, a unique theme and a unique decor. As a matter of fact, you just see the complete Indus Valley Civilization map on the wall. The restaurant is in L-shape. The moment you enter you are at the adjoining point of two lines of L. You go straight along the wall and find the complete Indus Valley map. This goes along with the seating. And at the adjoining point where you enter the restaurant, there is a seating on 90 degrees too. Thus making it L-shape seating pattern. Just at the end of the longer line where you finish the map, there is a small kitchen.The restaurant is compact in size. So is the seating and space. You don’t find large space to move around. But then that doesn’t impact on the quality of the food.

Being near to Delhi University area, it is quite an happening place. During weekdays there are a large amount of footfall. Especially during the lunch and dinner time. I assume the same happens during the weekends too. Since there are a lot of hostels and other student accommodations around. As a matter of fact, to add to it, there are a number of residential colonies around. That too densely populated. Hence, that counts to the popularity of this outlet.

Indus Flavour Restaurant Food Review

Food is fabulous at Indus Flavour, GTB Nagar. Speed needs a little improvement. Molecular food is the specialty here. That too with a high level of perfection. In fact, that adds a lot to its presentation and taste. You will love Dahi Ke Sholay, Skewer Ke Bacchon, Litchi Tikka, and Paneer Tikka Trio among starters. As a matter of fact, Litchi Tikka is something you don’t find at many places. Hence, it qualifies for a must try recipe. Similarly, in main course there are many must-have dishes. Like, Peanut Butter Paneer Masala, Peshawari Paneer Tikka Masala, Malai Kofta Masala, Jack Daniel’s Dal Makhni, and Dal Makhni are unique and quite tasty preparations. Subz Dum Biryani is again state-of-the-art recipe in taste and presentation, as well.

The uniqueness and innovation continues in breads too. If you ask me, try Cheese Garlic Naan, Mint & Zatar Naan, Jalapeno Naan, Ajwaini Parantha, and Sundried Tomato Kulcha. In mocktails you must go for Paan Mojito, Anna Rascala, or Imli Martini. In fact, being a pure vegetarian restaurant, Indus Flavour is a paradise for all veggies. And why only veggies, in fact, non-veggies too will find it a visit-again restaurant. In desserts, I would to go for repeat servings of Kuremal Ki Kesar Kulfi. Overall, Indus Flavour has become one of my favorites in-budget restaurants.

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