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Indian Restaurant Congress 2017: Insights From Day 2

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Indian Restaurant Congress 2017 Day 2 was as insightful as the previous day at JW Marriot, New Delhi. Turmeric latte demand in the market shows we are growing up in terms of food value and health. In fact, it is going beyond mere taste. Gluten or lactose tolerance is taken care of at healthy food outlets. Amazing kitchens, novice kitchens are easy to identify. Rather, a lot of chefs are using a variety of spices keeping in mind their health benefits. Like, for instance, you have to know Olive oil very well. In addition, Rapeseed oil and pure ghee have their own values. In fact, trends tend to move from meats to a lot of vegetables and spices.

As a matter of fact, Supermarkets are the best place to obtain all kind of vegetables and spices. But, before that, It is important to understand what is the best available in the market. Rather, ask your farmer and know about your farmer is important these days. Indian Restaurant Congress 2017 had the best of the speakers from the culinary world.

Indian Restaurant Congress 2017

Art of simplicity makes a lot of sense. It becomes apparently true during Indian Restaurant Congress 2017. In fact, a lot of work is happening in the culinary world in terms of progressive trends in food preparation. A chef, hence, carries a lot of responsibility on his or her shoulder. Concept cuisine is a trending concept these days like fusion food. New concepts are emerging fast. Interesting concept days to not only eat with your hands but also with your eyes. As a matter of fact, Openness and transparency in terms of what and why in cooking is emerging. The whole concept of eating is changing from body to mind and body. It is bringing a holistic concept in food. Butter chicken and Dal Makhani are all time favorites among restaurants and foodies. There is a lot to learn from Street food. Plating is becoming an important factor.

Indian Restaurant Congress 2017 talks about Art of Simplicity

Drinks at a restaurant have to match well with the food and restaurant theme & ambiance. Indian cuisines and spices have a lot to offer. The first interaction of a customer and food is through the eyes of the customer. People love to relate food with experience and stories. It is going beyond taste. The whole thing has to have a purpose. Social consciousness in increasing as per Indian Restaurant Congress 2017. Every time there is something new to learn. Is baking emerging with new trend? How important is it? Baking is telling the world with a storm. People are becoming aware of food. A lot of opportunities are coming for baking or rather an independent bakery concept. Sanjeev Kapoor changed the concept of baking at home for women. People want to write and share their experience with food.

Indian Restaurant Congress 2017

Cakes and bread are becoming quite important and it was a special mention at Indian Restaurant Congress 2017. Baked food is a new trend for youngsters. It adds a cool factor to it. Baking is a very important part. Interesting factors are adding to nutrition and health. Indian baking industry is the third largest in the world. It is worth 10000 crores. US and China stand at number one and two in the world. Restaurants and hotels are two entirely different business models. Best of the restaurants work at 10 percent profit model while the hotels work at 40 percent profit model. That makes restaurants more successful than hotels. Social media is becoming very important for restaurants and hotels. If you want to eat a lobster you have to pay for a lobster. Hotels are working on a model of standalone and are gaining popularity and profits.

Indian Restaurant Congress 2017 highlights Menu Engineering

Menu engineering is nothing else but a study of profitability versus the sales of a commodity happening. When you open a standalone you run a study what kind of restaurant will work better in that locality. Sharing, standardizing, innovating, letting yourself to learn, and understanding your target audience as a chef is critical and very important. A restaurant manager has to believe in their chef. At the same time chef has to believe in himself and his food. Create a story and share with your customers like what you do and why you do.

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