Nothing abnormal in witnessing a downfall in Indian batting in the 3rd ODI between India-West Indies at North Sound in West Indies. The first ODI was washed away by rain. Though rain impacted the second ODI too as it was reduced to 43 overs each side but then excitement was at its peak because of outrageous Indian batting that West Indies players could never match. In a way, that was a one-sided match. But in the third ODI, Indian batsmen playing as if batting in a test match. West Indies has won the toss and decided to field. India is reaching a figure of a double ton in 46th over that is quite surprising. But in a way, it is not surprising because inconsistency is the most consistent component of Indian Batting.

Ajinkya Rahane though has played well in terms of keeping his wicket intact till 42nd over of the game but his batting average is just below 65% that is far below the standards and norms of an ODI. But then anything can happen in a game. Shikhar Dhawan was the first to go in the 3rd over of the game. He played just 6 balls and made 2 runs. Captain Virat Kohli was able to play only 22 balls and made 11 runs with a strike rate of 50%. Imagine, this is the same player who fired crackers in the previous game. Yuvraj Singh’s consistency has been a problem for some time now.

India-West Indies ODI Series 3rd ODI

Dhoni has been able to steer up the overall batting average of Indian team with the help of his rocket shots. Along with him, it is all rounder Kedar Jadhav who is the only batsman to cross batting average above 100. In fact, it is this pair that has been able to establish batting partnership above 6. As a matter of fact, in last overs of the game, it even went beyond 10 runs per over. Rather in 47th over we saw two sixes coming from Dhoni. Following him, Jadhav also hit a six in 48th over of the Indian batting.

India has made 251 in 50 overs with an average of 5.02. It is because of Dhoni and Jadhav who not only stayed on the field but also accelerated the batting average. Jadhav is the real hero with 40 runs in just 26 balls and a strike rate of 156. West Indies has all good chances to win the match and keep the excitement intact in the series.