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Independence Day Emoji Launched by Twitter on India’s 70th I-Day

Twitter launches special Independence Day Emoji to celebrate India’s 70th I-Day. This is a great gesture from Twitter for India’s Independence Day. On the occasion, Twitter launches a new tricolour emoji featuring the map of India. The emoji is active from August 14, 2016, 6.30 PM to August 17, 2016, 6.30 AM. As a matter of fact, it is a unique way of celebrating the event on Twitter. This helps Indians across the globe. They all can connect to anyone anywhere with this emoji. And the celebration has become a factor of unity irrespective of geographical locations. The hashtags to use for the occasion are #India #इंडिया #IndiaAt69 # भारत and #IndianIndependenceDay. While composing a Tweet, if you use any of the above hashtags the tri-colour emoji featuring map of India will appear automatically.

Independence Day Emoji Launched by Twitter on India's 70th I-Day

While it is quite interesting, it also becomes a point of celebration in a grand way for all of us. Twitter is quite active in India for such occassions. In fact, this is a great idea that Twitter is adopting for some time in India. We have already seen special Twitter emojis in the past from Twitter. These occassions include Independence Day, Republic Day, Diwail, Holi, etc. In addition, there have been so many other events for Indians across the globe where Twitter is creating special enojis. Rather for many key milestones there have been special emojis from Twitter. Moreover, these emojis for special occassions, events, and festivals have been very popular across the globe. As a matter of fact, these emojis create a different kind of delight and enjoyment. In addition, these also help in connecting all together in a common way.

Independence Day graced with special emoji from Twitter

While the emoji provides users a fun way to Tweet, it also becomes a great way of expression. Rather this is a great way of expresing your love for the country. In addition, you can be active in live conversations on Twitter using these special hashtags.

Independence Day Emoji Launched by Twitter on India's 70th I-Day

Raheel Khursheed, Head of News, Politics and Government Partnerships, Twitter India was quite excited at the launch of this special Independence Day emoji. This is a fantastic occasion to celebrate seven decades of free India. Twitter is delightfully joining the celebrations with the launch of this special emoji. Rather Twitter is becoming a prime online channel to express and share real time stories in a meaningful way. In fact, it is becoming quite effective. Gradually, more and more users are getting active on Twitter. As a matter of fact, this is the second Independence Day for India from Twitter. The previous emoji was the first Indian flag emoji last year celebrating India’s 60th Independence Day.

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