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In First Person by Lucy Paz Why Any Horrifying War Haunts For Long

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No war leaves happy memories behind. Every war, in fact, leaves daunting and haunting memories behind. In First Person by Lucy Paz has some similar kind of story with Alice as a central character. As a matter of fact, Alice is in a war situation in her present and that reminds her a war in the past that snatched her parents from her. She was too young at that time of World War II. In fact, she was born when the war was raging. Her father had to join the army after which she never met him. At the same time, her mother had to give her away to save her life because the Nazis were shifting Jews to ghettos and death camps. Her mother, at that crucial moment, had to sacrifice Alice in order to let her have a better future in life rather than spending her whole life in ghettos.

In First Person by Lucy Paz

In her Present Alice encounters similar condition what her mother had to face when she was just born. In fact, Alice doesn’t remember the faces of her parents because she was too young at that time. And now she has her newborn daughter when she anticipates another war looming on the horizon. For Alice, her newborn daughter is her whole world. Another war in her life at this stage with her newborn daughter with her brings a state of intense shock and anxiety. The situation has become too tense and harsh. A scarcity of food, people hoarding food, and long queues for everything are enough to worsen her situation. In First Person by Lucy Paz has many such tense and grave situations. Alice, in fact, starts losing ground under her feet and is purely in a state of a puzzle. She is unsure how to cope with it.

In First Person by Lucy Paz Is A Shaking Story

In First Person by Lucy Paz is a shaking story. What is Alice’s next step to face this situation bravely without sacrificing her newborn daughter or giving her child away?

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