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ICSI Centre of Excellence Inaugurated With Emphasis on Ethical Values

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With the inauguration of ICSI Centre of Excellence, Vice President of India, M Venkaiah Naidu emphasizes on a strong foundation in ethical values. In fact, he stresses, ethical values should be the basis for exemplary corpate governance. As a matter of fact, why only corporate governance? Rather, ethical values can play a major role in development of an individual in the bet possible manner. And probably, that is the only way to acquire excellence in life. Therefore, it is right to see a direct connection between ethical values, governance, and excellence in corporate as well as personal spectrum. The inauguration event was in Hyderabad at the Institute of Company Secreraries of India (ICSI) for their new Centre of Excellence.

ICSI Centre of ExcellenceThe Vice President, during the launch of ICSI Centre of Excellence, says that in today’s competitive environment it is important for professionals like company secretaries to acquire deep knowledge and skills that match well with the best practices. Not only that, but these will also help in promoting good corporate governance. He adds that India has a great strength in inherent spiritual knowledge, rich traditions, and strong value mechanisms. These three are the best catalysts that many family-run businesses use in India. The same can become a role mdel for other countries in corporate governance. Logically, it is the core practitioners of good corporate governance who should come forward and play a leading role in making India a global leader in their field.

Inauguration of ICSI Centre of Excellence by Vice President of India

The Vice Preseident highlights many daunting facts during the inauguration of ICSI Centre of Excellence. As we all know that money laundering through shell comapnies is one of the serious diseases impacting the economy. That is where it becomes the responsibility of ICSI to sensitize everyone about many factors. Like, about the negative impact of shell companies and shell NGOs. In fact, ICSI employees wearing Khadi one day a week is a welcoming decision. Also, they are adopting a corporate anti-bribery code in a voluntary mannr. As a matter of fact, a company secretary is not only the conscience governing pillar of an enterprise. But also carries a larger role in social responsibility. Of course, it is crucial to update themselves with the changes in law for proper guidance of the managment.
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