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I SAY ORGANIC. Why Don’t You Also Say The Same? @ISAYORGANIC

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When I say Organic, I mean it. I really respect the gravity behind the word Organic. Especially when it comes to food and skin care products. But then when it comes to food, who is to blame for moving from Organic many years back. Years back, we were having vegetables and fruits straight from home or fields. At that time nobody was aware of insecticides, potash, or other products to use for cultivation. And probably everything was running in a natural way at that time. In fact, everything was organic at that time. The only flaw in the concept was limited cultivation and shorter shelf-life. So 25-30% was the wastage of whatever was the produce. And then came chemicals to use in the farms for having higher yields, enhancement in size of the products, and a larger shelf-life. It was an environment and culture of rat-race. Did I say Organic?


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