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I Am Happy When I See Clapping Hands and Smiling Faces – Poetry

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I am happy when I see clapping hands and smiling faces

Somewhere if some are sad, some are happy at other places

Although it is true that of the cards in your hand, all are not aces

But still, you can crave for finding the light of life from dark bases

As a matter of fact, at times life is too harsh when your memory effaces

But still, you can find in this chaotic world your own comfortable spaces

And great are those moments when all your sadness, with smiles someone replaces

Keep those moments in mind as a prayer without trying to find out its traces

Because when you are completely hopeless with nobody around, life embraces

Making you comfortable back on the surface, the momentum paces.

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I am happy when I find a child in my heart giggling and whistling

Never worry about the future when someone might act bristling.


Just live the situation to its fullest

When it comes to spreading happiness

in life act as fast and accurate,

but not deadly, like a bullet

Stay with warmth but be coolest.

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A moment in life never strikes back

Fill colors or just keep it white and black

stay behind the shell or create joyous clack

It’s nobody else’s but your own hack

Raise your face upward and be a flack

After all, we are nothing but a stack

of memories piled up – one is happiness rack

and another is a bundle having a not-so-happy-moments pack

Usually, in our mind, we keep playing one of the other track

Which finally makes it a soundtrack.

So what if you are with me or not

I have loads of bad moments to kick back.

I am Happy Because You are Happy

That is why I am happy when I see clapping hands and smiling faces around

Because that brings my childhood back on the racetrack.

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