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Hingori Cracks The Karmic Code With Release of Karma Sutra

If you believe in Karmic Code, Karma Sutra, Karma Power, Karma Quest, and Spiritual IQ then you must read books by Hingori. Hingori is a real face in this world but the name is fictitious. And, in fact, that is for a purpose. The writer wants to prove that the words are more important in this particular case. Rather, it does not matter who is the actual author of this fabulous book. As a matter of fact, reading, understanding, and following the book is more important. The Karmic Sutra by Hingori in continuance to his various books that we know as Hingori Sutras. And it brings in more value when multiple powerful personalities from various streams of life come forward and express their respect to the author. India’s Railway Minister, Suresh Prabhu, echoes the power of Karma while launching Karma Sutra at the World Book Fair.

Hingori Cracks The Karmic Code With Release of Karma Sutra

There are, in fact, five books that Hingori Sutras comprises of. All the books are important for everyone. The books are available in various languages like English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, and German. The intent is to translate these books in various Asian and European languages. In this context, Suresh Prabhu says, “In a world where humanity plays second fiddle to capitalism, the Hingori Sutras invoke fresh perspectives and provide barometer to gauge one’s journey through life’s adventures. The best thing about such books which constantly churn the mind is that they help you clarify concepts. The one insight from the Hingori Sutras that I try to imbibe in my everyday life is to serve others selflessly because I understand that in the service of others lies my evolution as a human being.”

Hingori Sutras A Great Collection of Spiritual Books

Karma Quest is an app that asks you few simple questions. On the basis of answers it identifies you at one of the four levels. These are The Initiate, The Inclined, The Involved, and The Intense. Uma Prabhu is a philanthropist, group editor education, and journalist. She was also present at the launch of Hingori’s Karma Sutra and the Karma Quest app. In fact, Karma Quest is the only IQ test in the world in this regard. As Uma Prabhu says, “I have enjoyed taking the Karma Quest to assess my spiritual IQ. Some of the questions made me reflect long and hard. And I wondered how was it that such a simple concept was never thought of earlier? I feel that the spiritual IQ test should be made mandatory for all those who are intent on experimenting with their spirituality.”

As I read Karma Sutra by Hingori, I feel the books by him are powerful enough to transform a life to its brightest side. I recommend everyone to go for it. In fact, this is the only book cracking the Karmic Code. Hingori is an author of many spiritual books. And in multiple languages.


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